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    Cheaper just to buy two PS3 versions from MA, this should be cheaper.

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    I've got one of them, better charge it up!

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    So $629 for the headset, $129 for the controller's and then $100 for a game!!! Just about $860 This is starting to get very expensive, let's hope we get some kind of cheaper bundle in NZ as my pre order just might be getting cancelled. ,

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    Hbomb48 wrote:
    So $629 for the headset, $129 for the controller's and then $100 for a game!!!,
    Also you know that would be only if the game supports move controllers right?

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    Yes only some games they reckon. I would be interested to see if a standard PS4 controller In each hand would give the same result I've heard that it is possible to do this I think games like Eve and battlezone will be fine but any game where you are meant to be physically holding something in the game like a gun or sword I think the immersion level will be severely reduced by using the thumb sticks on a controller. Personally I would like to have seen a revamped Move controller that contained a thumb stick for movement built-in. I can't find anywhere in my area NZ to try out psvR so it's quite a big financial gamble add in the cost of a Neo if the rumours are true for better performance and it becomes a serious financial outlay I'm really hoping the PlayStation VR Rocks but I'm undecided as to whether to jump in on release day or wait till after Christmas once the reviews are eally in