Have you made the jump to 4k?

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    That Toshiba would make a great man cave TV and being the warehouse if it breaks no issues get another. I wouldn't make it the main TV though

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    Samsungs 98inch 8K QLED has launched in NZ. Anyone got a spare $80k?


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    i bought a lotto ticket this afternoon while getting my 10cent BP discount

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    The depreciation on that TV in 3-5 years tho... ouch

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    OLED > QLED isn't that right folks?

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    GeneralZod wrote:
    OLED > QLED isn't that right folks?
    Depend if you want deeper blacks or brighter colours.

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    True. Deeper blacks > brighter(cartoony) colours. John Wick HDR.

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    Finally made the jump to 4k. 75" 4k from 60" 1080P, quite a nice step up. Upgraded Netflix but apart from that I don't have any 4k content to watch. Wasn't sure i'd ever make a post in here before 8k became the norm haha.
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