Have you made the jump to 4k?

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    Pxndx wrote:
    When I checked out the Veon tv's at The Warehouse when I was shopping around, I noped out of there quick. Horrible panels on all models they had displayed. The budget Sony next to them blew them away.
    I owned a 49" for less then a day and returned it because of really bad fuzzy background. Not sure if they were all like that or not.

    The TV's are always going to be tuned to sell the more expensive models. The konkas at Harvey's are a perfect example of this. There's was an LG next to a 55" konkas which I own, I tuned both tv settings to nearly identical settings as much as I could and the konkas looks just as good

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    Any 55" / 65" QLED Owners looking for a Gravity Stand cheap PM me


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    Went to look at some Veons again today

    They don’t do themselves any favours

    Advertised as 4K tvs, plays what looks like 480p DVD movie on it

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Went to look at some Veons again today

    They donít do themselves any favours

    Advertised as 4K tvs, plays what looks like 480p DVD movie on it
    Never understood that. And places like Smith city do the same.

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    Next gen LG OLED TVs are here


    In Summary at the 4K high end well get native 120hz, freesync VRR, all four HDR formats supported, eARC supported and automatic refresh and latency adjustment based on input type
    Two 8k 60hz tvs will also be sold, up to 88inch in size

    Update: LG is claiming it's 2019 OLED panels run with just 13ms input latency when games are detected
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    Is it worth replacing my HDMI cables now that I am 4k? I am on the low end PBtech models

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    As long as they are "high speed" then they should be fine
    Otherwise you're looking for HDMI cable with at least 18gbps of bandwidth

    The older cables may only do 4 @ 30hz, the "high speed" ones do 4k 60hz with HDR
    You can test this yourself, try to play 4k 60hz and/or HDR content through the new screen and check the TV's input data to see what is passing through to the TV

    That's probably the only difference


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    My 4k TV runs at 60hz on an old hdmi cable. Like cat5/6, there is quite a bit of headroom and not huge differences in the physical cable apart from the structure of the cable to protect it from interference etc. At least from what I could tell in my research. As with all digital stuff though..if it works, it works.

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    Wire gauge is a factor for long runs. The 10m High-Speed cable I have to get 4k 60Hz on my monitor is quite a chunky beast of a thing.

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    I think I may tidy up and replace the super long ones with specific length ones in the future.

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    Bonjour, looking at a TV for my room. Thought I'd see some posts about Samsung 8000s before but can't find a huge number of hits for this particular one. Is this a good TV and a good price for it? TIA.


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    49FX800 by Panasonic or 49SK8500 by LG


    Just wondering what peopleís thoughts are on these tv, very hard to find reviews on either model .

    Have a samsung 46Ē and itís not performing well