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    something something clubs, something something strings something something see you at tgs

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    typical kojima fashion

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    The guy has Norman Reedus on the payroll. I'm not entirely sure he can get away with calling his studio "indie".

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    Speaking in typically metaphorical riddles, Kojima said most online action games gave players "sticks," for use in combat, while Death Stranding will introduce "ropes," for connecting players.
    Reading between the lines:- it will have online interactions akin to Journey and Dark Souls (i.e. not the PvP element, the environment interaction part).

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    CEO Kaz Hirai on point as usual

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    i'm leaving this reminder not to fall for kojima's bs again

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    Can it really be called an 'indi' game if Sony is paying for part of it?

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    It should NOT count as Indie if they have a major publisher.
    The No Man's Sky devs were being called Indie, and oh wait, they had Sony backing them.

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    He had better come through or he is going to look dumb. I'm looking forward to it anyway.