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    Worlds 2016

    CLG take first game vs g2, they looked controlled and good too. Xsmithy stepped up.

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    Off to a bang already, nice.

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    Welcome to 2016, where matches are made up and placements don't matter.

    All I want is a new champ, I'm bored of SKT.

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    Rox Tigers look pretty good but you never know SKT are clutch

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    TSM lost, that makes up for EDG.

    Still not falling for the faith in China again, I learnt that last year.

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    Hullitude wrote:
    TSM lost, that makes up for EDG.

    Still not falling for the faith in China again, I learnt that last year.
    China was the highlight of last year.

    I want an AHQ, CLG or ROX win. I think it'll be ROX this year but I can see a lot of the teams going on a win streak pretty easily. ROX is probably the only dominate team this year, and they still slip up every now and then.

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    as expected they crushed mid lane C9 and SKT easily rekted c9 despite Impact holding ok. Jensen got bodied.

    better from TSM, dominant lane and win over SSG, RNG dumpstered Spylce easily
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    well despite both Meteos and Sneaky feeding like bronzies , FW cannot close and C9 win. Same for TSM, Splyce cannot close and TSM close it with better late game.

    Rox and SKT1 keep rolling tho
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    This entire Worlds so far has been, every team is inconsistent as shit except for the Wildcards.

    Even SKT, Rox and RNG looked shady today.

    Could easily be another SKT win at this point

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    it is just the massive nerfs to the junglers plus big nerfs to taliyah ( notice not a single team even thought about picking her despite featuring in 75% of the pick bans of all 4 region finals ) plus Aurelion Sol being disabled due to Riot . Nerfs to all the ADCs as well so there is a really limited pool of mid , adc and junglers at the moment. I think SKT and Rox look the best atm

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    I'm just so sick and bored of SKT, I'm at that point where their games aren't even that exciting to me anymore.

    At this point I'm rooting for the underdogs just for something different.

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    CLG beat ROx



    WHAT DA FUK?????

    well Shit FW beat SKT as well LOL

    hmm interesting group c9 and SKT equal atm
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    NA 6-3
    Kor 6-3
    LPL - 5-3
    SEA - 3 - 3
    Wildcard 3 - 3
    EU 1 - 8

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    yeha the mind boggles, Rox is not playing to standard atm and neither is SKT , TSM is going ok, C9 is improving but i doubt they will go that far , EU is outclassed atm across the board. Hopefully things will settle down this weekend.

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    It's only the first week. It was crazy last year as well but then got predictable pretty quickly.

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    Yeah, people jump the ships and get hyped way too early.

    Still rooting for a non-SKT team to win this year.

    Its getting stale otherwise.

    Praise be to Albus Nox

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    Anx you ****ing moscow5/tpa hybrid beauties

    what a game

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    well they were easily swept in the tie breaker tho, but g2 and CLG were never that good anyway. Rox rides on..hopefully their nerves hold

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    CLG were so awful in that final game.

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    Ryu bossed it and H2K playing better. H2k thru and now tie breaker time

    omfg, H2k .. Baron throw is their name
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    My babies H2K are through, now hopefully EDG will make it too.

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    despite another steal by Clearlove , h2k go thru number 1. This should be so fun

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    WOOOOOO perfect day of LoL for me today, so happy for H2K they deserve it.

    Im hoping RNG and SSG make it through tomorrow but money is on TSM and RNG.

    Still, great couple of days

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    yeha that one is too close to call tbh, i want SSG and TSM and then SKT and C9 but you can see some teams really improved after the 1st round and now playing much more consistently