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    The Playstation 2 classic The Bouncer made by Squaresoft.
    They should revive the franchise for VR.
    It would be pretty fun brawling through the game and hopefully losing a bit of weight at the same time.

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    The Last Of Us: VR Zombies!

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    The correct answer is Twisted Metal. Chaos and destruction in a virtual ice cream truck FTW.

    Actually any vehicle combat game could work well in VR. Even a kart franchise like Crash Team Racing. It allows you to get away with the graphical limitations of the tech that may be harder to swallow with a driving sim.

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    Hmm for me totally The Witcher series or in particular wild hunt. Absolutely love this game and how immersed it made me feel just from a third person perspective which only means vr would just make this epic. Slaying monsters, swinging swords and casting spells it would be nothing but brilliant.

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    So many games would be great on PSVR but I'm going to go with Dying Light. Hacking away at zombies with a machete or katana is already great fun but actually physically hacking away at a zombie would would be so much more fun. Plus going out at night would far more intense and heart pounding.

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    No Man's Sky. For all the hate I still enjoyed it, and would be amazing to explore alien worlds like you were actually there. Closest I'll get in my lifetime.

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    Katamari Damacy

    That feeling of scale you get when your Katamari gets bigger and bigger will be greatly enhanced in VR.

    Plus the controls would be pretty simply to implement and minimal motion sickness.

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    Abzu, because it would be absolutely amazing to view all those different types of fish and watch/hear them swimming around me. Especially with the killer soundtrack

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    Metal Gear

    Because looking at Meryl's butt needs a VR perspective.

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    I'm going to defy this competition and say that none of them would be best suited to be translated to VR. We don't need more of the old, it's new tech and we should be trying to push it's limits not convert pre-existing games into it. Making something new would make a better VR game.

    You don't make a pie and try to turn it into a quiche later.

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    Wipeout. Think of it as the ultimate motion sickness test.

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    You do make a good point, most of the games would turn out clunky and be disappointing .

    But still cool

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    Super Monkey Ball from the monkeys perspective. With how fast they spin and bounce around I want to vomit just thinking about it, amazing!

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    Resident Evil would be awesome on this thing! Would scare the poop out of yah.

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    Total War would be nuts.

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    Imagine a VR Sonic The Hedgehog game -that would be a vomit factory...

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    Kog wrote:
    Tomb raider for obvious reasons
    You want to walk around with virtual boobs?

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    Jumping Flash!

    Because you can jump. In VR.

    That's it.

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    Jumping Flash.

    Because too few people have experienced the sensation of bounding hundreds of feet into the air as a robot rabbit.

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    I think it may be time to bring back The Getaway, breathing life back into the series in a fresh new way. The London Heist part of VR worlds sounds like it may already be the basic proof for a VR Getaway game with some modification you could develop a tight story with driving and shooting sections. Maybe Aim for something like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, a 2 hour cinematic VR experience.

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    Gran Turismo for sure

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    Sniper Elite.

    Would love to be fully engrossed while stalking the next target.

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    Has to be Gran Turismo.

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    Grand theft auto, GTA VR would be so awesome.

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    Gran Turismo - It needs something major to get it back on track to compete with Forza and I think VR is best suited to virtual cockpit gaming.

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    An old PS2 game that I loved was Dark Cloud. Like a dark cave/dungeon RPG, I would absolutely LOVE to see that world up close and personal in VR (And hopefully remade to this day and ages graphics. I can imagine casting spells by doing certain hand movements, and having to remember the sequences (Almost like the Ocarina songs from Zelda!) SO cool.