SAO: Hollow Realization announced

Played this through on PS4 already, enjoyed it (asides from some of the anticipated battles being restricted to cut scenes, and the environments were pretty meh, got dull running through enemies)

Can't stop playing Binding of Isaac so progress is halted on Tales of Vesperia.

Had the most amazing run last night, was going for my 3rd Satan kill, had the most OP frikken weapon I've ever experienced in the game (playing as Azazel, and my tear blast was formed into a large ring that I could freely move around the arena. And what did I do?? I used the ****ing bible on Satan.

Got to Delerium on another run tho. Barely touched him lol. Another massive challenge I guess.

I've just read that quick restart has been included in the Switch update last week. Hold the 2 sticks L3 / R3 for 2 seconds. Yuss!! I feel really guilty restarting but I'm so sick of failed runs now. Alternating between Cain and Azazel. Azazel is great but unless I get great RNG I get stomped.. literally.. by Satan. Grr.