Nintendo Switch

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    Rii wrote:
    Don't remember there being anything wrong with the WiFi either when I owned one.

    EDIT: I'm assuming we're going to be able to pre-order in the next few days. I'm picking over the weekend as The Warehouse's $469 console sale ends on Monday. MightyApe's ends midnight tomorrow. Trying to shift a few older units first.

    And Nintendo making model info available so you know what version you're pre-ordering.
    Suspecting the same as well

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    WarZoner wrote:
    Been playing a bit of ultimate Alliance 3, damn this is good. Runs slick n smooth as and plays like a dream
    I'm hanging out to finish work to play this. It doesn't seem to have got much coverage, which is surprising considering that it's a team ninja game

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    It's kinda weird. I'm guessing it's due to Fire Emblem coming out next week. I've only played a small bit of this as I don't want to get too addicted, As I got the movies later this afternoon.