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    w0lfbrains wrote:
    It's Galaxy/Galaxy 2/Sunshine/64 as far as I know

    Sunshine and 64 have obviously been emulateable for years but I always had trouble with Galaxy and the awful Wiimote controls
    it's these minus galaxy 2 but plus super mario 3d world from wii U and also there is talk of new or remastered paper mario game in the works

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    They would be stupid not to include Galaxy 2 as it's the better game

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    Anyone tell me if the write speed on an sd card matters all I can tell is go 90mb+ on the read . Would 30mb write be ok or go for a higher card? Thanks
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    Bought Diablo 3: Eternal Collection in the current sale - $50 (used my points to get it to $41). Plays really well and looks clean. Super happy.

    Few other deals on AAA titles too.