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    The next 12 months is going to be amazing for the Switch

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    Damn son that line up is good. Didn't know Ni No Kuni was coming to Switch! In.

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    Looks wonderful! Pretty cool

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    Ok this is cool. Modded Switch consoles can now run android. And can stream nvidia shield games.

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    at least 9 games this/next year that i'm interested in , not enough time/money in my life lol.

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    Just pokemon and this for me

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    Luigi's Mansion 3, Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 3, Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3 (If it releases this year) for me. I also forgot to include Link's Awakening (even if the graphics look a bit off putting)

    Gotta say that Baldo game looks interesting.

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    Pokemon, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Links Awakening, Spyro, Astral Chain and maybe FF8 remastered. For me. I'm gonna need a bigger SD card lol.