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    Blizzard are so good at sucking players back into their games.

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    Well I did need a reason to get back into Diablo 3 as just haven't felt the need to the last couple of seasons and Diablo is still my favorite of the series so will be nice to see what they do with it.

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    This an the Nekro coming in is cool. But I would have preferred a full expansion... Mind you, they have been adding new ares to maps, so....

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    Blizzard has clearly moved their staff on to more immediately profitable IP's, Reaper of Souls was 2.5 years ago. A new character doesn't change the content itself being stale.

    Hey if you want a less polished but far more in-depth ARPG, Path of Exile exists

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    i really like but, not enough for 2years of time

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    I wouldn't get too excited. It seasonal content that is only going to be accessible for one month per year in January...