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    Just finished the last of us remastered on PS4 pro. Easily top 5 game I've ever played. Cannot wait for #2

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    lmao the cover art looks pretty suspect. Looks like some fan made art lol.

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    All signs are pointing to a fall 2019 release. Which is why I find it odd that Sony aren't at E3 when they should be doing another full on gameplay demo. One last splash before release. Unless they do a separate show like EA.

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    Probably bring PSX forward

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    We still got Paris Game Week, TGS, PSX in probably more State of Play.

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    Sony are losing it. They do their first State of Play and show us a heap of indies along with Days Gone, then a couple of weeks later they reveal the first info about the PS5 in a Wired magazine article? WTF is up with that? They'll probably skip over TLOU2 in their next State of Play broadcast and then a couple of weeks later Home & Garden magazine will reveal its release date in an exclusive interview.

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    Xbox did same thing *shrug*