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    Admiral Bulldong

    Is anyone else here a big fan of Admiral Bulldog and his stream/youtube videos?

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    Watch his stream occasionally but not so much

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    rtz stream is way better

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    kazza wrote:
    rtz stream is way better
    I would say hes a more likeable streamer/player than bulldog, though his viewers are annoying af, like any other popular streamers.

    i hide the chat most of the time because of frequent spams and nonsense lol

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    I like the donger because he's so clowny

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    Haha it appears that the donger gets around. Rtz babyrages too much and reminds me of myself unfortunately.

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    Singsing is where its at giant troll games

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    +1 singsong

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    I'm partial to the dong and also sing2x. The only issue with sing is when he streams with the grill stacks, I don't find that his stream that enjoyable when he does.

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    best ones are when hes just playing with gorc

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    K3n.C. wrote:
    best ones are when hes just playing with gorc
    Yeah I agree

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    Sing Sing actually has the most entertaining streams. He does it with silly comedy and extreme skill.

    Here's his twitch channel

    To see what I mean, check out some of his older videos