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    Cyrax78 wrote:
    I must be lucky didn't experience a single bug only that annoying part with Ardyn and Noctis breathing to heavy I couldn't pay attention so have no clue what that part of the story is about.
    You do know that to upgrade weapons you have to sleep right? (sorry might be a dumb question but there has been alot of people who did not know)
    Yep haha, I knew that but I had seen on some forums that people didn't know that.

    Nah man, my shit was just FUBAR from minute one, Cid can eat a dick

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    SqEnix partnered with Nvidia to deliver a PC tech demo with high quality FFXV assets running on GTX1080Ti. Another sign that a high grade PC port is inevitable.

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    If you have a PC with high end hardware then wait for the release which is probably like 6 months away. The game still has no real 60fps mode on consoles and the story is still incomplete and they're still trying to fix the story...

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    This was a posterboy game for 'why not to pre-order games'.

    I should have learned my lesson