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    I would like to go back to prehistoric times to assassinate the dinosaurs. Given the lack of dinosaurs currently it seems as if I have already succeeded. You're welcome.

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    Hmmm that's a hard one i reckon. But i would have to go back to the days of moari land wars, seeing how they interacted and hunted and how they battled would be amazing.

    Seeing moass roaming our country, exploring untouched land.

    I'd of course become king and take over the country,send out wakas with 50 men to colonize other islands.

    Wage war also

    I guess that would be very hard to pull off in a game like assasins creed though. Getting the combat etc right would be tough.
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    Either the world wars, wild west or ancient Egypt. for an assassin probably Ancient Egypt would be the coolest with the pyramids!

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    xzorro52 wrote:
    Either the world wars, wild west or ancient Egypt. for an assassin probably Ancient Egypt would be the coolest with the pyramids!
    Damn wild west is a bloody cool timeline

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    Easy one would be to say go back to when Hitler was a kid and tell him he was a good artist, make him less googoogaga.

    I would certainly like to go back to Roman times, see the great battles they fought, see Rome in its heights of glory, and indulge in an orgy of orgies.

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    I quite like both Greek and Norse mythology so going back to either time period would be fascinating.

    Alternatively I would like to back to the time of Vlad The Impaler and see if my crazy grandmother was right in saying we have romanian royalty in our ancestry.
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    For me, I would like to see Germany during the 1930s or Meiji Period and the change from feudal to industrial Japan.

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    If we put you in an Animus, to which time period would you go, and what would you likely see (or like to see) on a trip back through your genetic history?

    I wouldn't mind going back to 60s america and seeing the rise and fall of JFK. His assassination has always fascinated me and being there in person watching the whole thing play out from a distance would be something else. Maybe I get sent back to try and stop his assassination .

    For a road trip back through my genetic history I would probably be going back to WW1 and WW2 I have a lot of family history during those events. My gran was a nurse and my grandfather was a pilot in a bomber.
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    I'd go back to the 80's and try and assassinate those god awful fashionistas lol vanilla ice style

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    I would go back to around the time that jesus was reported to be alive, probably around the crucifixion, and to see what actually happened. Given the religious aspects of the AC Series, it would certainly be an interesting genetic journey. And with a bit of luck, I would pick up some in-game skills like turning water into wine etc, and maybe drawing portraits so I can demonstrate to the world what they all really looked like.

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    I'd love to see the fall of the Roman Empire, and the Templar/Assassin battles that led to it!

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    I'd like to see myself in the Viking age, butchering my way through royalty, carving a path into the heart of Scotland and standing on a longboat combing my glorious beard with a horn comb as a village on the river burns. Considering my genes, it's a possibility.

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    SpaceKiwi wrote:
    I'd love to see the fall of the Roman Empire, and the Templar/Assassin battles that led to it!
    Epic right? Man I can't wait to see what Ubisoft have in store next for AC (as in proper info etc) as if they had kept going with yearly installments it was going to continue to be on the decline.

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    I would go back to the beginning of human existence to see how we came about.

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    a long time ago, 2 philosophy movements encouraged the Chinese to look inward and showed the Emperors of the time to stop expansion and innovation.

    I would kill those guys and kick start the expansion of the Chinese empire..

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    After taking Classics in my last year of High School, I'd have to say I'd love to go to Imperial Rome during the transition period between Gaius Marius' reign and Augustus Caesar's reign (The transition from Republic to Empire 112BC - 44BC). With all the civil wars, political sabotage, and Assassinations of Julius Caesar etc, i think it would be a really interesting setting. Also It'd have Roman Architecture similar to that of Assassin's Creed 2, which would be awesome.

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    DOGZILLA wrote:
    I would go back to the beginning of human existence to see how we came about.
    Watch the documentary rise of the planet of the apes.

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    My genetic history traces back to Ireland, and considering geneology through an Animus that likely means reliving memories of drunkenness, drugs and civil unrest. So I'd go back just sixteen years...As I'm closely related to a Charlie Angle! (or rather Drew Barrymore) what better adventure to have than relive that of a Hollywood Celeb on or off set! Can see and do it all, and I'm sure that even includes Playstation in her downtime

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    (Scottish Ancestry Here)
    I would go back to the 16th century when the origin story of our clan crest occurred.
    A rival clan (The MacNeish clan) had raided our convoy (that had all our stores to celebrate christmas) and returned to a secluded island on a loch where the only boat available belonged to them and was moored at the island (they figured they were pretty safe). The MacNeishes had prophecy that doom would befall the clan when 2 boats sailed the Loch.
    A group of MacNabs (My clan but the spelling differs) went to seek vengeance led by the Chief's son "Smooth John MacNab" (this was apparently one of those ironic nicknames like "Little John"). They carried a boat on their shoulders so they could assault the island.
    Once they reached the island Smooth John kicked the door down and they killed everyone except for a boy and girl who had hid under a table.
    Smooth John took the head of the opposing clan leader and returned to his father (who had been scared stiff that his son would be killed). He threw the head down before him and said "Dread Nought", which became his war cry from then on.

    This is why our clan crest features a severed head and the coat of arms has a boat.
    Our clan motto: "Let Fear Be Far From All" (although I reckon Dread Nought sounds a lot cooler)

    tl;dr: 16th Century Scotland where my Ancestors kicked ass and took names.

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    I would go back to see the first of my ancestors who left Europe to come to New Zealand.

    My assumption is that I'd witness someone wanting to eat meat everyday instead of whatever slop they could afford in the UK - and their reaction on arrival would be interesting - wasn't exactly like arriving at the Ritz from what I know

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    Western. Go back to all the revolvers ,repeaters horses and lasso's and be trained at long range rifle sniping. Having that feeling of that reloading handle underneath just like Goodnight Robicheaux from magnificent 7 ,I own many a cowboy boot and hat but look forward to the day of owning a repeater rifle

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    I'd love to go back to Adam and Eve, to do the obvious, check to see if they are real.

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    I would take a short "trip" back to the 60s to experience the iconic performances of musicians like Hendrix and Jim Morrison in their prime...

    To be there at the places you heard about or read about but the closest you could ever get is grainy youtube footage.

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    I am apparently related to French royalty so I wouldn't mind going back to when she fled the French Revolution. Would like to know where she fled to.
    Alternatively, I would like to experience what one of my great uncles experienced in World War 1. He was always a happy go lucky gent and it would be good to learn how he coped with all that shit that went on.

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