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    it any good?

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    Picked up the Wonder Boy Dragon's Trap remake, gorgeous update can recommend for a simple platformery metroidy thing

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    Feliz wrote:
    Picked up the Wonder Boy Dragon's Trap remake, gorgeous update can recommend for a simple platformery metroidy thing

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    EB is having a huge sale. Tons of great switch games on sale. Well worth a look.

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    "Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our game Robonauts!* By owning Robonauts or another premium QubicGames' title, you will get for a limited time a -100% discount on Geki Yaba Runner Anniversay Edition available from May 31st on Nintendo eShop"

    *All codes have to be redeemed on North American Nintendo accounts. It might take up to 48 hours for us to send you the code for Robonauts. Privacy policy

    just make a US acc for the switch

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    Fifa 19 only $33 on the eshop. I've sunk many an hour into 18 Playing with friends.

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    Pulley wrote:
    Fifa 19 only $33 on the eshop. I've sunk many an hour into 18 Playing with friends.
    How does it play on the switch?

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    Didn't get to play 19 as it was downloading.

    18 is fine, it didn't have all the features of the mainstream consoles but perfect for cheeky games on the fly or games at work etc. I flew to Dubai early last year with friends and we played it constantly during the flights.

    Also during work at lunch. Had a little tournament.

    And at $32 that's three beers in town equivalent.

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    Warehouse has the Switch at $479 at the moment. Great deal

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    I know maybe this is not the place, but please, spread this all you Can, is important to have a los of people, so nintendo should listen to us, copy, paste, sign and spread the web adress:

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    not going to happen regardless of how many people sign the petition imo

    even though i would like them to have a machine that is on par with sony and xbox, nintendo have clearly gone a different route with the belief that as long as you make fun games (and form factor with the switch in particular) that will be enough to sell to consumers without needing to go for the best visuals.

    as a result you have less third party support due to developers not wanting to bother with downscaling their games or even if they have downscaled their games consumers still opt for the "better" versions instead meaning less sales on nintendo systems and a downward spiral ensues.

    honestly, at this stage, even if nintendo had a system that was the same as the others i still reckon consumers would still buy the other versions (3rd party) purely because of the better online systems/ familiarity/ friends being on the other systems. now if crossplay was commonplace then it wouldn't matter.

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    Joined today, one post. Very cool jcalamil, thanks for sharing.

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    I've been more than happy with how Nintendo have done things for the past 10 years. I don't think having a 3rd company make the same ultra HD pretty looking games would add anything to the industry. Quirky titles and amazing, innovative hardware like the Switch is why Nintendo will probably always be my favourite gaming company.

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    It's a portable system. I wouldn't expect any decent battery life if Switch 2 was on par with Xbox Anaconda/PS5 specs.

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    You're asking for a spade to not be a spade.

    Buy something else if that's what you want.

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    EB Games Currently have the Console for $469

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    Those are good numbers.

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    gikar wrote:
    EB Games Currently have the Console for $469
    JB HiFi are also now matching the price according to the latest email from them.

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    Snapped Luigi Mansion 3 - $75 shipped with the market SINGLE20 code today only.

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    Nintendo Switch plus Mario Kart 8 Download Code Bundle

    $479 from The Warehouse

    $479 from The Market ($30 off $250 and $50 off $500 codes available)

    Confirmed by me on basis of floor stock that I purchased at a Warehouse store to be v2 (based on XKW serial and box product code HAD S KABAA1 AUS (NEON))

    Poor unsuspecting buggers in the US having v1 stock rolled out in NEW Mario Kart 8 bundles for Black Friday!

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    v1 is superior than v2 anyway because v1 is moddable.

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    Ended up buying a switch lite from tinman on here, got a bloody good price. Then picked up pokemon sword and mario kart 8. Going to be well used for our aussie trip.

    I actually prefer the lite over the OG it just feels a bit nicer and like a gameboy.

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    Rabid Kingdoms only $26 on the eshop at the moment.