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What were your favourite games of 2016?

76 people have voted on this poll. You may not vote on this poll

Battlefield 1
17 22.37%
23 30.26%
Final Fantasy XV
10 13.16%
8 10.53%
Forza Horizon 3
6 7.89%
Gears of War 4
3 3.95%
Titanfall 2
8 10.53%
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
16 21.05%
24 31.58%
The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine
10 13.16%
Dishonored 2
5 6.58%
5 6.58%
Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. Gameplanet

    GP Player's Choice Game of the Year 2016

    And now, the finals!

  2. Post
    Good to see Doom getting the votes.

  3. Post
    Voted Doom, game was amazing

  4. Post

  5. Post
    Looks like Doom is going to win, very unexpected

  6. Post
    Would have voted Legion...

  7. Post
    I havent played doom yet, picked it up for $22 the other week so good deal, demo was fun, lets hope it can meet GOTY expectations given the showing in this poll

  8. Post
    Surprised BF1 is rating so high; got bored after a week.

  9. Post
    Valeo wrote:
    Surprised Overwatch is rating so high; got bored after a week.

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    Valeo wrote:
    Surprised BF1 is rating so high; got bored after a week.
    Yeah it won't have much staying power but I'm sure the next one is not far away.

  11. Post
    I heard that there will be Doom VR version as well.

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    Uncharted 4 was never going to win, if you ask users to poll a multi Plat game will always win but never the less UC4 put up a strong showing clearly the best exclusive in 2016

  13. Post
    I am sad more people didn't get into Dark Souls 3, that game is so good.

    My vote goes to Overwatch instead, then. (Haven't played Doom yet).

  14. Post
    Voted Overwatch for MP as it's a more preferred gameplay for myself. Doom won the SP games i played this year, ez.

    BF1 i put in a good amount of hours - but it's very predictable. That Engine though- holy cow.

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    Good to see overwatch carrying the day - so much polish, so great rich characters without anything like a bio

    And I love the graphics. Best they've done. It helped i was playing without ambient occlusion at first. Turned that on and it was, whoa!?!

    As other reviewers have noted. Overwatch is nearly unique in offering an essentially positive & hopeful view of the future.

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    Overwatch confirmed best game.

  17. Post
    CODChimera wrote:
    Overwatch confirmed best game.
    Can't argue with that really.

    I've noted my opinions on it, but what it does is near perfect

  18. Post
    CODChimera wrote:
    Overwatch confirmed best game.
    But I thought you said GP hates Overwatch.

  19. Post
    GP hates best games.

  20. Post
    a goddamn corridor shooter is gonna win goty. wow smh

  21. Post
    Dirt Rally? Or did that come out in 2015?

  22. Post
    Bloodline wrote:
    But I thought you said GP hates Overwatch.
    Yes correct.

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    Of these I would say Doom was the most pleasant surprise of the year, Overwatch didn't really do much for me.

  25. Post
    Just did what only 20% of DOOM players have done - finished the game, according to PSN stats 87% of DOOM owners finished the first mission, only 20% killed the last boss and finished the game.

    The game is actually quite challenging, I died, a lot but it felt rewarding, death was never cheap it was a matter of me learning and planning better.

    Its actually a really good game, never gets boring and the story is not bad apart from the ending, the gameplay is solid.

    Would play a sequal to this if they made it

    Still not my GOTY though, while Doom is good it can't touch Uncharted 4