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    1440p 21:9 Ultra wide vs 16:9 4k TV / Monitor for gaming

    Has anyone compared gaming on a 34" Ultrawide monitor against a 4K TV or Monitor?

    Had a mate over who plays Witcher 3 on PS4, fired up Witcher 3 on a 34" 1440p Ultrawide and he was blown away by the additional real estate in game at 21:9 with graphics on full detail and he wants to now move to a PC with an Ultrawide monitor.

    We decided to test if it was just the PC smoothness / graphics vs the PS4 or the actual 21:9 that made the game more appealing and immersive so we outputted Witcher 3 at 4k (3840 x 2160 60hz) running with ultra settings at 60fps to the 49" 4k Bravia.

    The 3440 x 1440p 21:9 with Ultra detail still looked amazing on the ultrawide and made for a better immersive experience then witcher on the Sony 4k 16:9. Viewing distance to the 49" was about a metre away so not far away at all. Tried other games to as well like Dishonored 2 and it was a night and day difference gaming on both aspect ratios.
    Was surprised as 34" vs 49" size difference I would have thought the 4K TV would have given me more immersion.

    Anyone finding it hard to play on 16:9 TV or Monitor after experiencing 21:9 gaming?

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    Keep in mind not all games support that aspect ratio, or if they do, it's in various levels of optimisation.

    A few people from this forum went ultra wide only to come back to wide

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    I don't have a 34" Ultrawide, but do have a 29" one and a 43" 4k monitor(not TV). I prefer to play on the 4k where possible, for the above reasons. If I wanted to play something in that 21:9 ratio, the 4k can actually scale it pretty well.

    I've had the Ultrawide for about 3.5 years and a couple of big 4k monitors over the last year, the immersion from the the big 4k beats the smaller 21:9 monitor hands down, though I wouldn't want to go much bigger that 43" at 1 metre away, as you'll have to start turning your head to see it properly.

    I have mine mounted on a sit/stand wall arm, and my keyboard is mounted independently on the same type of arm. Which enables me to place it at the correct height for the size, which would be hard to achieve on a desk.

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    I've got an Acer X34 and I'd never want to go back to playing on a 16:9 monitor as it now just feels cramped to me.

    As mentioned by others, the only real issue is with games supporting the 21:9 ratio and how well they make use of the aspect ratio.

    A lot of the newer games on PC are supporting the ratio I find. BF1 is basically perfect in it's support for 21:9 but then you have games like Overwatch that say they support 21:9 but all they do is zoom in a 16:9 image and crop off the top and bottom which means you actually see less than regular 16:9...... (unfair advantage they feel if you can see more but whatevs lol)

    Naturally, you are going to need a very beefy PC if you are wanting to play on 3440x1440 at max settings. I've got a single 1070 and Witcher 3 still kills the fps if I even attempt to turn settings up to max (things like foliage/ hairworks etc) at 1440p.

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    Not that many games support more than 16:9, you'll either get black bars or stretching

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    Kidona has a Titan XP running his PG348Q so he should be doing better than most with everything turned up

    For games that properly support it, 21:9 is superb, thankfully the ones I am playing mostly atm do. I jumped on one of my other rigs to see how BF1 was on 27" 16:9 and promptly got off and went back to the X34a lol. In saying that, stuff like Fallout 4 I will play at 16:9 as I couldnt get it to work right at 3440x1440. I don't go back and play my older games much but I can live with using a 16:9 monitor if 21:9 isn't properly supported.

    I watch all my movies on the ultrawide and it is great for that.

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    yea its really a matter of how much does it bother you when a game doesnt fully support 21:9

    Naturally there are other websites that are focussed on modding games so that they do correctly display the 21:9 (sometimes as simple as changing the .exe file)

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    Aside from support for the resolution itself, there is also FOV to consider. Most games with built-in FOV sliders only support up to FOV that's suitable for 16:9. 21:9 will require even higher FOV that's generally not supported by default.

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    Also if people prefer high FOV, you can just set that on a 16:9.
    Whether 21:9 provides more on the sides or less on the top/bottom is purely a matter of FOV setting.

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    Analgia wrote:
    Not that many games support more than 16:9, you'll either get black bars or stretching
    huh, almost every game I play supports it...

    wow, overwatch, bf1, civ6, 7d2d ... goes on and on.... struggling to think of a game that doesnt support it.

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    as mentioned earlier, whilst there is a 21:9 option ingame for OW, it's not true 21:9 support. Instead just a cropped 16:9 image to look like it's 21:9

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    Good thing about Overwatch, is it will run on a potato, so I prefer to play that on my 4K monitor instead of my Ultrawide.

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    I heard that the reason they are loathe to implement proper 21:9 support for OW is that it would give the UW players an unfair advantage...I don't know, that's just what I heard, don't play it currently.

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    Someone buy my korean 1440p 27" 100hz ips screen