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    Travelers (Netflix)

    Anyone checked this out? It's quite hokey, but i enjoyed it more than expected.

    Uses the "travelers from the future sent back in time to change things" trope, but with a twist (which i won't spoil). Moves at a decent pace, seems well-made with good acting and obviously has a sizable budget. Story has some holes, but was interesting enough for me to binge over a couple of days.

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    Yea, seems decent to me.

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    I got a few episodes into it, but lost interest.

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    Watched the whole season. It was a bit all over the place.

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    I didn't mind it but there were some plot points that were WTF. It ended on a cliffhanger :/ (Been noticing a lot of Netflix Shows tend to end on Cliffhangers). Hopefully the next season they'd employ some better script writers.

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    Yea it's average in parts. Definitely more of a genre time-waster.

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    This is a deeper take on it, as a series;

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