The Racist Butcher

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    The Racist Butcher

    Bridger said Sir Peter had warned the group not to drink and drive before going on to say they must not be local.

    "I go 'Yeah, I'm actually born here'. That's when he said 'Well this is a white man's island and you should acknowledge that'," she said.

    Probably shouldn't have asked where she was a local lol

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    I've heard that he's notoriously racist and ignorant.

    I guess he is a middle aged white man so that's a given

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    I heard his sausages actually have minced negro in them.

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    I heard he doesn't even sell chicken.

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    I heard you can't beat the old butchers meat.

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    i wouldn't **** with the mad butcher with 0 evidence... bet that woman is getting a shit ton of hate mail

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    She has a video.

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    Bridger was upset and tearful over the incident, saying it was the first time she had experienced anything like it.
    lol, like **** it is

    Just a case of a billy sitch having a whinge about nothing. If she hadn't have played the dick "I'm a Maori and can do what I want" card (even if it was a joke), it would never have been an issue.

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    Warriors biggest fan and supporter = racist... does not compute.

    Only white guys at the Warriors are Aussie's

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    Privoxy wrote:
    She has a video.
    a video of herself talking, great evidence.

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    I heard he insisted that a person was Chinese even after the person repeatedly saying they were Filipino. He then sad something like "oh i'm sorry i didn't mean to come across racial"

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    sorceror wrote:
    a video of herself talking, great evidence.
    My bad, didn't even watch and just skimmed the article.

    Assumed she had recorded the incident. Well, you know what they say about assumptions.

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    Not passing judgement at all without evidence, just have a he said/she said at this point.

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    I bet he said the joke in a manner like oh this is white man's island.
    Not like this is white man's island get out.

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    One of the truck drivers that supplied his shop back in the day, was charged and convicted with stealing meat from his employer.

    The receiver of the stolen goods got off.

    Way of the World really.

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    Oh wow

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    How does the media spokesperson end up coming off more racist than the old white guy she's making excuses for?

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    Warriors in support of Peter Leitch

    Which misses the point that if he said something like "this is a white man's island," which no one there is denying, it should be condemned.

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    GaR wrote:
    How does the media spokesperson end up coming off more racist than the old white guy she's making excuses for?
    Because Michelle Boag?

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    Frederick James wrote:
    Because Michelle Boag?
    I'm not familiar with her work.

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    GaR wrote:
    I'm not familiar with her work.
    National Party stalwart, political commentator. Right-wing windbag basically

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    GaR wrote:
    I'm not familiar with her work.
    National Party shill for many years. Was on Q&A, Agenda and The Nation quite a lot as a panelist, and often exhibited very right-wing views.

    Edit; heh, snap.

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    I guess that explains that, then.

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    I think she was Nat party president too

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    Never had much time for The Mad Butcher. Have a story about him from when i was selling scales and butchery equipment for Wedderburn Scales, if anyone is interested (have told it before on GP). This sounds like it might be a bit of a storm-in-a-teacup beat-up, but the guy is a genuine f**kwit.