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    I've finally got my console docked but had to turn it off. It actually looks pretty slick. I seriously need a pro controller and a case. Not playing zelda til later in the morning

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    just got home with mine

    god that SE zelda is huge

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    Any patches updates etc? Or good to go out the box?

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    I saw the SE Zelda box at EB and was surprised with how big it was. I really hope my one from the Warehouse comes through. *worry*

    The pro controller is glorious to hold, I'm in love with it. Haven't tried the system itself yet, it's docked and charging (I think lol).


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    Playing Zelda now . . been playing for an hour already no patches or anything.

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    there was an update for me, but surprisingly the eshop is up and running lol

    • Breath of the wild $99.99
    • Bomberman R $75.00
    • 1,2 Switch $79.95
    • (neogeo classics)king of fighters 98 $11.90
    • (neogeo classics)waku waku 7 $11.90
    • (neogeo classics)world heroes perfect $11.90
    • (neogeo classics)metal slug 3 $11.90
    • shovel knight: spectre of torment $17.00
    • Shovel knight: treasure trove $42.50
    • Othello $8.50
    • VOEZ $35.00
    • Vroom in the night sky $12.99
    • Just Dance 2017 $99.95
    • FAST rmx $29.50
    • Snipperclips $33.00
    • I am setsuna $63.95

    all of the available games day 1 on eshop

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    Major Havoc wrote:
    Playing Zelda now . . been playing for an hour already no patches or anything.
    Just tried to watch but the stream is stuck? Can see you pressing buttons but the screen isn't moving from Blaster Master...?

    Gonna go pick ours up in about 5 hours woo!

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    Shovel Knight is a must buy

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    How was the midnight launch experience for you guys?
    A lot of other Ninty fans or literally just one person there

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    There was quite a few people at my one, surprised me as I was only expecting just a couple of other hardcore fans.

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    Black Plague*** wrote:
    Shovel Knight is a must buy
    I really want to get it but I don't want to be distracted from zelda. I think that will be my next pick up

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    High St Launch. And Cases

    Was a good night at EB High St, nice meeting a few of you.

    Anyone else get the official soft touch case that came with screen protector - what are your thoughts? I feel a lack of inner moulding and the tightness overall, cause excess pressure on the joy con thumb sticks. (

    Gonna get the hard travel case from mighty ape, didn't want to as it's bulky but need more protection.

    Also anyone seeing the marks on bottom corners of the screen from the dock sliders making contact? Luckily have a screen protector but annoying, may upgrade to tempered glass and tape those plastic docks up.

    Otherwise Zelda is absolutely stunning, feel bad as there is no reason anyone would need Switch skyrim after this. They've taken the best bits and distilled them.

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    I'm still deciding on a case. At the moment it's in the thin foam bag it shipped in, wrapped in a Countdown bag. It's shameful to be carting it around like this!!! I'm thinking of this one but only instore and EB is quite hard for me to get to during the week so might settle for

    I just find it funny having a mario case available BUT NO MARIO GAMES lol

    edit: MA has this zelda one, pretty sure it wasnt there yesterday

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    BadBrownBear wrote:
    They've taken the best bits and distilled them.
    Well yeah. And the fights are far more involved (on a physical level, maybe not a management level) changing the game completely imo.

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    I would recommend against that Mario one (

    I had a Zelda one the same brand and I had to take it back because putting the console in the mesh holding thing felt wrong. It was all tight and would keep getting caught on the sticks while trying to slide in, all the while you'd be worrying about scratching the screens. I tried it a couple of times then just said nope!

    Was a shame cause I liked the look of the case.

    Haven't replaced it with another one yet, I have no idea what one to get honestly.

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    sweet, grabbed this one

    ive read that the thumbsticks are really good, might pick some up later when they come down in price ($20 for a set whaaat)

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    JAFA wrote:
    How was the midnight launch experience for you guys?
    A lot of other Ninty fans or literally just one person there
    There was literally only 6 people in the store excluding the staff members.