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    I'm glad McKenzie is in that squad even as a replacement, i enjoy watching him play and it'll be good to see him grow more as a player cause he's quite impactful.

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    Agreed Todd over Squire.

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    Squire over plodder and shields over both

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    Yes, we know you have a thing about Todd and Canterbury rugby in general, but he deserves to be in the team more often than not.

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    He's a great player for sure, there's just better options.

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    Yep, I posted that in the Mitre 10 Cup thread - new thread go subscribe

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    RIP Force

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    shadowguy wrote:
    RIP Force
    Came into the thread to post this.

    The Saffers have lost the Kings and the Cheetahs to some European league that they will probably carve up in.

    The idea of the Saffer contraction was to get the "downsized" players to join the remaining teams so I am not quite sure what we are acheiving now.

    Force aren't giving in yet and will have their day in court most likely.