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    Abo wrote:
    AS long as people don't think they are secure.

    It's very convenient but very insecure
    Pretty much.

    It stops the random person who picks my phone up off my desk through my stuff but I don't expect it to be safe vs anyone who actually wants to get in.

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    iRoN wrote:
    This isn't an issue at all, or at least is solved by one of either;

    • you have to have a password or PIN ALSO setup
    • you can add multiple fingerprints

    If I want you to be able to access my devices, you either know my PIN or your fingerprint has been saved. No hassles.
    Not entirely true, set up? Yes. Available? No.

    My father's Samsung A8 would only accept a print because it gave that option during config.

    Password/pin was for changing this config once in.

    To be fair it was super reliable at getting him in, but he binned any sort of security the sixth time I'd done nothing because it locked and I busied myself doing other things.

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    Love it, has made daily life that little bit easier with the amount of time I spend checking/using my phone

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    I like it on laptops, windows hello will dominate that market pretty soon(facial recognition to log you in via system camera).

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    Have never used a PIN for mobiles. So yeah Hello will be progress as long as it's instantaneous.

    Rationale for no PIN: probability of losing device, multiplied by probability of someone finding value in spamming your contacts. Vs spending equivalent time of a couple of weeks full-time work repeatedly entering a silly code.

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    The Sony XZ ultrasonic scanner on the side is the best scanner I've used so far.