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    TIL about Falco!

    Holy shit, TIL about Falco! Dr Zaius now has new meaning!

    Post other Simpsons references others may not get.

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    Not Simpsons, but i recall a Daily Show with John Stewart piece about General Petraeus taking US troops into Iraq, and the tagline was "Iraq me Dave Petraeus". Which i was, sadly, old enough to get.

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    best version.

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    sorceror wrote:
    DAMN YOU, I wanted to post mope

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    Name:  filco_tenkeyless_ninja_uk_large.jpg
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    Amateur by Molotov is the best cover, best in that it changed the lyrics completely to a hilarious depiction of life as a rock band, just leaving the chorus semi-intact

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    Did anyone else think this was about Falcor?

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    Privoxy wrote:
    Name:  filco_tenkeyless_ninja_uk_large.jpg
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    A friend has a keyboard like that. Mother****er.

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    I thought it might be about Falco from Nintendo

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    That was my second guess, admittedly.

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    sorceror wrote:
    Also came to post this.

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    **** we're an original bunch. I too came to post that. Oh well an excuse to listen to some more BHG

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    I thought it was going to be about Shane Falco

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    I didn't think you were that young MXRecord? how the hell could you have never have heard rock me amadeus.

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    I thought it was about this Falco

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