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    Whats included in: Intel 2016Q4 Gaming Event Bundle Pack

    Hey all

    Looking at new CPU's
    PT have: INTEL CORE I7 7700K 4.20GHZ 8M LGA1151 UNLOCKED PROCESSOR - WITHOUT COOLER *(82574) Intel 2016Q4 Gaming Event Bundle Pack - Redeem at*

    I went to but wants a master key to get any further

    Cant seem to see anything much online
    Anyone know what is included?

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    A bunch of indie games and f2p games -no AAA titles. Don't base your purchasing decision on it.

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    Worth anything on TM etc? I.e buy next cpu up and recoop some of the $ with this ??

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    Doubt it. Probably a resale clause.

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    Are you the resale police?

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    Name:  Intel.PNG
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    $5 worth

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    I7-7700k and bundling with CS-GO? Are they for real?

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    pyronical wrote:
    Are you the resale police?
    Do I need to keep an eye on you????

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    Wow, didn't realise the had vermintide with this.

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    Runescape? What is this?

    Does Runescape still exist?

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    Looks like a few games that are free anyway, but isnt Grid $50 CS Go $15 There came Echo $15 Vermintide $35 Nevermind $25

    Dunno what the app things are towards the end though

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    Depends on what Grid it is. If it's the original (pretty sure the latest ones aren't called simply Grid) it's like five bucks off sale.

    The last one is RuneScape!

    Zoomed in, it's Grid Autosport which is 2014. So much better but still a ten dollar sale game.

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    2 after vermintide?? Appa of some sort i think ??

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    Only issue is, we dont have those intel codes :P