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    Fragluton wrote:
    Yeah have been playing BF1 occasionally, usually end up on A1 something something server which is small conquest 32 or 24 player. Prefer it over the 64 player spam fests.
    Yeah, mainly find games on Conquest now, but no other modes.

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    I tend to play the mixed mode ones, not that i'm a huge fan of all the modes. But one of them is conq, rush and frontlines. Pigeons the other day too, bit of a laugh.

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    There are two aussie servers I've been playing on, ping is about 32.

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    Just got back into it, new setup seems to run this just fine!!!

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    Started playing it last week. Thought I'd buy it and give it a go since it was $5 on Origin having fun from time to time but server lag last night was horrid....