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    "REVOLUTION" edition includes base game and all DLC, so I guess that's the one to go for. I got it on sale a couple of months ago for $33, but I'm hardly playing it. In fact, right now I'm playing BF4...

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    Meuslicat wrote:
    Sick of CoD-WWII, because of cheats and empty rooms. Trying BF. I'm an old bloke and a bit of a noob at fps multiplayer.

    Can someone please advise me which version of BF I should go for, considering I'm in NZ.
    Also advise on joining clans.

    I use a pretty high spec PC and I'm on Ultrafast broadband. Any help would be most welcome.
    Feel free to add me up on Origin, don't play as often as I used to but still have a jam every so often.