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    "REVOLUTION" edition includes base game and all DLC, so I guess that's the one to go for. I got it on sale a couple of months ago for $33, but I'm hardly playing it. In fact, right now I'm playing BF4...

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    Meuslicat wrote:
    Sick of CoD-WWII, because of cheats and empty rooms. Trying BF. I'm an old bloke and a bit of a noob at fps multiplayer.

    Can someone please advise me which version of BF I should go for, considering I'm in NZ.
    Also advise on joining clans.

    I use a pretty high spec PC and I'm on Ultrafast broadband. Any help would be most welcome.
    Feel free to add me up on Origin, don't play as often as I used to but still have a jam every so often.


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    Yep that time of the Year again!
    Another Awesome Weekend of Gaming, Drinking, and you get to meet and take the piss out of us in person.


    Forum and more Info

    Check out the photos on the website! This Lan Its a Very Social fun event!

    Register for a Invite
    Lan event is R18 Invite only.
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    Brisbane Property Management
    I am still playing What is your favourite map?
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    Hmm, prob St. Quentin Scar as it has everything in it. I'm also a big fan of Amiens and Ballroom as despite ballroom being a fairly basic 5 flag map it plays very well. Most of the base game maps are pretty good. A lot of the DLC maps play like sacks of shit - see craparetto and somme etc

    Argonne is always good for an automatipro wail and I particually enjoy back capping at E via the downstairs.

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    BF 5 reveal in 4 days (watch on utube for live chat)