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    There should be a reward for getting less score than ping

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    He must have just joined. burs clan usually clean up

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    Yeah I think I got less than 2 mins play there.

    Tonight's hilarity is when a horse bloke found out he can't fit under the log bridges in the trenches at Volga River.
    Came charging at me so I backed away under the bridge, went prone and was prepared to die.
    He stops dead at the bridge while my screen is full of him wailing his sword around so I just aimed at his face and got the kill assist.
    He must've been so sad/mad.

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    mofozilla wrote:
    I clean up in the attack plane on Albion, Galacia not so much. Not as many choke points to come swooping down on.

    Heh, just realised you were in the server with me
    Nice dude, ill try get on a bit more and play

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    immortalAU wrote:
    Are you pc gamer or console?
    I'm on console (PS4). Haven't been on in a while so maybe things have changed since the new maps were added.

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    Are many people still playing this on PS4, specifically the DLC? I see the version with all DLC is just over $50 on the store and was considering getting it.