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    Ubisoft releasing four AAA games between April 2017 and March 2018, revealing in May

    - South Park (is definitely one of them)
    - Far Cry 5?
    - That pirate online service game thingy they've been making for the past 3-4 years
    - Assassin's Creed: Egypt, but they've hinted that might be delayed.Could be Splinter Cell? Or another new IP?

    Ubisoft will launch four AAA games next year. (Launching between April 1st 2017 to March 31st 201.

    FYI, South Park is included as one of the four games launching next year.
    Ubisoft will reveal more in May

    Will be operating six live games

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    "Revealing in May"
    "From April"
    You can't reveal what's already released

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    Wait till June, e3 that shit!

    Hoping two of them are a new AC and Splinter Cell.

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    KrimzinZV wrote:
    "Revealing in May"
    "From April"
    You can't reveal what's already released
    At least one or more of the games will be revealed in May and will be released within the next fiscal year. How is that hard to follow? April is the start of the next fiscal year but it sounds like they will definitely be announced in May.

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    Would be nice if they did a reboot of splinter cell

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    Just to add on top of what was said earlier. This is kinda intriguing.

    Guillemot added during the call that Ubisoft won't release as many new IP going forward and will instead focus on growing its existing brands.

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    Usergame wrote:
    Would be nice if they did a reboot of splinter cell
    No, just go back to being stealth game with assault being unviable and strip out the mark & execute system. Blacklist was a crappy reboot, while Conviction was fun it wasn't a good stealth game. Also focus more on the campaign and less on the coop/pvp would be good since they spread it far too thin in Blacklist, ultimately feeling shallow and lacking in every mode.

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    Blacklist was fantastic

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    A new splinter cell would be mint. Anything else meh

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    On one of the podcasts that I listen to they were discussing a rumoured Splinter Cell/Xbox partnership. There was another rumour that they've brought back Michael Ironside for the next one.

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