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    I thought it wasn't too bad a flick..

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    Glad that was free.

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    Saw it today......

    Yeah, glad Disney owns this now.

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    Bit of a disappointing end to the franchise, also Quicksilver is barely in the movie.

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    So basically no one saw this lol. I kinda want to see it. Just to see how bad it is.

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    By going to to see it at the cinema though you're financially supporting trash like this, do you really want to do that?

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    It's better than Apocalypse. Largely forgettable. Worth seeing once.
    Set pieces are ordinary. Script is minimal. Delivery quite wooden a lot of the time. Either the editing is a little off or the ending is badly done.

    Pros: Some fight sequences.

    Cons: Weak story. Threadbare villains. Dubious decisions.

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    Bloodline wrote:
    Saw it today......

    Yeah, glad Disney owns this now.
    Two best things to have happen to Fox. Simpsons. Disney.
    Saw this over the weekend. Would not recommend, 5/10 at best. I won tix to see this, so the price was right.

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    Um Yea, kinda speachless after seeing this, for me this is right up there with Clooney/Kilmer Batman
    Last Stand was better

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    Woah, that's a big call. I don't think I enjoyed this much either, but I don't know if I could say it was worse than Last Stand. I thought Apocalypse was still worse than this if that makes any difference.