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    Halo Wars 2

    UE early access is today. Anyone pick it up?
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    I will pick it up shortly - enjoyed the first one.

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    Might pick up the UE edition today, not sure. I already have Halo Wars on 360.

    Ended up picking it up. But in full regret mode. Remember why I stopped playing on Xbox. I'm averaging 1% an hour trying to download the 6GB patch.
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    The PC port sounds terrible, after FH3 it makes me think MS just don't care about their PC ports.

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    The Xbox version is not without it's bugs. AI units running in circles. Failing Bonus Objectives as soon as the mission starts. Last night I had to manually load the next mission by going into mission select because it kept trying to get me to replay the last mission.

    Anyone know how to get this on PC seeing as it's Play Anywhere? (buy on one platform, get it on the other without re-purchasing).

    EDIT: I'm guessing the Play Anywhere feature doesn't kick in until the game's full release on the 21st.

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    How good is the story and cut scenes so far! Good old halo doing it again.

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    I still can't figure out how to take advantage of Play Anywhere.

    I have the physical copy of Halo Wars 2 UE for Xbox One. Should I have gotten the digital copy if I want to use Play Anywhere to get the PC version?


    Oh. Well, that's a little underhanded of you, Microsoft.

    TL;DR Play Anywhere doesn't work for physical copies.
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    Really disappointed with that ending.


    All I can say is I hope there's some pretty good DLC coming seeing as I dropped a lot of coin on the UE.

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    Game is a bit clunky on xbox, plays pretty well on PC.