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    gneiss wrote:
    FFS it's the date and time when he started his final post. Is it not clear? Surely I'm not thaaaat good.
    Alright well done detective.

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    Perhaps bans should be separated for OD and GD?

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    Groowee wrote:
    shut it mod. this thread is not about u. this is krimzin's farewell thread.

    god i hate mods
    Because we can do this?

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    it was nice to get a shout out but I don''t get the reference.

    goodbye my friend

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    damn. that's a shame. you'll be missed krimzin, you've been a GC.

    also socts is basically ****ed without you.

    Last edited by 4wd; 8th March 2017 at 11:03 pm.

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    See ya

    Personally I think moderation on here should just be law based, i.e no CP, no piracy, etc. Just too arbitrary otherwise and most banned people just smurf anyway.

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    gneiss wrote:
    Because we can do this?

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    Took the time to go looking for the posts. Don't bother, hugely disappointed.

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    hi mods can i join your guild?

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    #clockblock for mods

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    I will miss you KrimzinZV. Please come back in the future.

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    No good seeing people having a sook over a ban, especially an unwarranted ban.

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    edit:^great, except you ****ed up the title. they can just say "who's krimzenVZ?" then ban you for shits and giggles.

    i reckon whoever clockblock & Groowee used to be - started with "L", from memory - was a reb smurf. and clavu-whatsit was just another one.

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    CODChimera wrote:

    Also he told CK to take cyanide or something but nobody seemed to really care about that lol.
    I cared. I wondered why he thought a poison could be a type of medication but then im an arts major, not a science one

    I also feel indirectly responsible since it was my reaction to the Government of Bolivia's reaction to Ghost Recon Wildlands that led to him posting about Maori politicians which led to his ban and his (I am sure temporary) ragequit.

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    reddit > forums
    ty for the shoutout though

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    Take me with you, Krimzin.

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Got banned for 3 days because of some comment deemed racist by a mod and left for good.

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    But who else am I going to argue with about whether Swedish or Norwegian is better

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    I automatically assumed it was Fu Manchu.

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    But who else am I going to argue with about whether Swedish or Norwegian is better
    That debate is Finnished

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    OP, please use a more sensible datestring format next time.

    I suggest '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S' as a start, though you'll want to consider adding ' %Z' on the end if you care about timezones.

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    MXRecord wrote:
    I automatically assumed it was Fu Manchu.

    Turns out drunk Krimzin posts like a sober Fu Manchu.

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