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    Sverin wrote:
    Jeez you sound familiar...Do i know you ? somebody i maybe play with ? lol

    Confirmed - adjusR is a rat sh*t noob. hahaha

    Yeah game runs like shit, I've def cut back playing and its forced me to play CS again just so I know what its like to hide behind a wall/actually hit somebody

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    Grifty wrote:
    It reminds me of those, "I haven't seen a cheater - therefore they do not exist" types of people.

    Either they A: Are lying, B: Plays once a week, or C: Have no clue about anyting.
    jdz wrote:
    Cheaters definitely exist, but they're no where near as rampant as people make out to be.

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    All I wanna do is play a ranked Battle Royale game solo TPP on Oceania and this stupid game won't let me!!

    I don't wanna play events or unranked Sanhok, ffs.

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    Grifty wrote:

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    Soon this game will die

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    When you guys click 'FIND' match in Lobby with the following settings:
    -All Games

    what does it say for estimated time ..... I'm getting like 38min. I haven't played for 2 weeks because of this. Is something wrong on my side i dont understand why i cant get a game?

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    Purely conjecture...... but I think OC peeps have been hit hardest with the frustration of continual bugs and lack of progress on known issues dating back to pre-release, while bringing in new skins etc and money makers for themselves. So through that frustration many have thrown the game in.

    OC has had issues with bugged queues for a fair while also - another bug they don't bother to fix, they just cut Duo FPP instead

    TPP seems to be easier to get quick queues, but most that still play probably go for squads, leaving solo/duo to be huge queues that people give up on.

    I personally hate solo, but still successfully finding full games going 1 or 2 man squad (not enough mates play for full squads anymore )

    Now and then going AS 1/2 man squads to mess around (they're generally far worse players ) for that 3s queue pop.

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    Hey everyone,
    Just looking to play some PUBG on PC with, hopefully this is the right place to post it.
    Add me on steam l.hill23

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    Just got owned by Osirisnz

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    Shrapz_nz wrote:
    Just got owned by Osirisnz
    Thought the name looked familiar xD

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    OCE still cucked?

    Thing is... I can't get into Fortnite, I really dislike the building aspect..

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    You don’t need to build to play the game

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    That's like saying

    You can use a shovel to dig, or just use your hands if you hate yourself.

    Not building fast and accurately and refusing to learn is a terrible way to play Fortnite.

    i prefer pubg anyway.

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    Played a good few rounds this weekend for the first time in ages, had to play AS/NA as I couldn't find any OC FPP, had alot of fun, esp the mini royale,

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    Most Aussie players now play SEA. OC at peak time you'll get squad games but almost always Sanhok which gets super old.