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    Ah was confused, I was logged out of steam and didn't realise

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    Played on OCE this morning, and the whole server is chinese with recoil scripts.

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    Well 3/4 of Aus would still be in bed even now and it's work time in NZ...
    You realise the spectator view is horrendously inaccurate and not a good way to gauge no recoil? You're either the most unlucky player in existence or too quick to call BS.

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    Well being killed by a name like 12939392 doesn't seem too legit to begin with.
    But what would I know? 370 hours of no complaints/fairplay, then the massive influx of chinese and weird shit happening in the last 80 hours of play.

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    Getting killed by random numbers/letters usernames makes me rage.

    Also almost every time I have died recently is via Kar98k 1 hit headshot .

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    Def seen a noticeable increase over the last week of hackers. Def lots of random dudes that are just numbers tearing shit up. Also, there seems to be a lot of people with ESP hacks atm. Way more than usual. Sucks cause you just cannot ambush / creep up on dudes. Or they come straight to your house, panning from one squady to the at the window and instant hs.

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    Played 1 game of 3rd person, instant cheater.
    Play 100 games of 1st person, only one game with suspect cheaters

    To bad it takes 5 mins to find a FPP game

  8. Post need 2 more to make up 8 man squad on this event mode

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    Lvl3 helmets becoming an airdrop only item and the M4 is probably getting nerfed.

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    Fog is so fun, they should add dynamic weather to the regular mode.

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    CODChimera wrote:
    Fog is so fun, they should add dynamic weather to the regular mode.
    I have seriously missed fog maps. Adds a whole other element to the game, having a supressor in a fog map is basically a must.

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    I like the fog in the dynamic weather version but I didn't enjoy the super fog they used to have

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    hey I'm keen. What are you ranked in OC?

    I'm top 30 but I play the camping/hiding game. Not sure how far that will get us in this league?

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    Damn it Spoot, now I need to be checking behind all boxes/stones etc. just because of you.

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    Yeah Kid Fresh, I play a similar style but I am semi decent at aiming too. Should be fine for DUO IMO.

    I an not sure on my ranking but I have 320 hours played in PUBG and career thing before reset said top 1percent.

    Add me on steam and lets see!

    - - - Updated - - -

    siddiq wrote:
    Damn it Spoot, now I need to be checking behind all boxes/stones etc. just because of you.
    Siddiq!! Long time man!! add me and lets crank some games

    Yeah I am a SNEAAAKY guy Snake in the grass...:P :P


    Found a Stat Website...this is me

    Season 3 =

    (first season trying just to win dinners, hiding hard)

    Season 4 =

    (trying squads /duos and hot dropping / rushing / aiming shiz / pretending I'm shroud...)

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    I don't have the time for an actual comp (or need the prizes), but keen to squad with someone that knows what they're doing. My win percent is 7% in solo at the moment, mainly from camping as well.

    Or even just squading with someone that can speak English and isn't a racist Australian would be great, too.

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    Been smashing some FFP squads this season.

    Been sitting top 1000 OCE for FPP Squads for a couple weeks now.

    Also stats from previous seasons :

    I also have ScreenShots some where of being top 25 and Top 10 TPP Solo for one of the early seasons.

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    Had my first solo chicken dinner on the exp server the other night - heart was about to beat out of my chest with 2 of us left - i'm 80 hours in

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    Hey spoot


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    Been holding on to 9 Gamescom Invitational Crates for ages, finally decided to open a couple seeing as the prices have tanked.
    Got the Pleated Mini-Skirt (Black) - $240

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    DeazeNZ wrote:
    Got the Pleated Mini-Skirt (Black) - $240
    Thats some nice dollars. Will you sell?

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    Will probably hold onto it for a while. Not really much you can do with "Steam Dollars" besides buy games and skins. Still holding a $140 CSGO knife that i opened 2 or 3 years ago.

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    You can always gift games for cash monies?