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    Phoenix Point - X-COM successor from OG creator Julian Gollop

    Phoenix Point
    Brah, brah. X-COM: UFO Defense spiritual successor from Julian Gollop.

    Phoenix Point is a spiritual successor to X-COM: UFO Defense in which players must manage an elite unit of scientists, engineers, and soldiers to fend off the alien Pandoravirus and deal with other human factions across the planet.

    The human population has been decimated in the year 2057, the era when the game is set. Survivors gather in isolated havens spread throughout the world. A few factions control most of the havens and resources, but they have radically contrasting ideologies and guard deep secrets.
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    Hells yeah, looks tight! That talk of adaptive AI and hybrid delights has me a quiver.

    A more grim-dark version of XCOM nuevo...awesome. Also love the lanterns in the dev studio part

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    Project is now live, and doing rather well. Almost half way and we're only part way into day 1.

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    i am not sure about this, JG did not fulfill the pledges properly in Chaos Reborn and the communication and promises made were not good. In my case the physical rewards were not delivered and then later after multiple emails was only then a refund was issued. Which did not come thru until multiple emails asking where it was etc . Communication with the developer was sporadic as well.

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    Yikes, that sucks.
    I didn't back Chaos Returns, but I loved the hell out of it when it released.
    I'll be backing this, but as a low game only tier. That's about as far as my desire to risk my money goes.

    Still, this shows a lot of potential.

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    This is looking good.

    PC Gamer says it is like XCOM but "more nuanced":

    "the Firaxis games didnít feature location-based damage. They didnít model impact chance of individual bullets. They didnít stop the action the moment your soldier spotted an enemy, giving you the chance to duck back behind cover. Their boss monsters werenít this huge..."

    "Thereís a percentage chance to hit (which generally seems far higher than XCOM), a percentage chance of a kill, and percentage chances attached to enemy limbs so you know how tricky it will be to cripple a body part..."

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    Oh yeah, I have been following this REALLY close. Julian is a god to me, and while Jake made a fine high priest of Church of XCOM, it takes the hand of the devine to make something truly blessed.
    This does look to be combining the best parts of X-Com, and the new XCOMs.

    I am not counting any chickens here as failure is certainly an option, and Julian is far from infallible with a very restricted budget. It could end up being a hodge-podge of half realised ideas and janky mechanics.
    Still, like the idiot I am at times I backed this at a much higher tier than I had initially intended to.

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    Rumour has it they are gonna include battle royale.

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    what did you back at eventually ChrisB , i succumbed to my love of TB XCom but wary of before just went for the a digital pledge with the exclusive extras

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    Bloody wrote:
    what did you back at eventually ChrisB , i succumbed to my love of TB XCom but wary of before just went for the a digital pledge with the exclusive extras
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    Ohh collectors edition , nice

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    i asked for a refund. Dont want to support exclusivity or the lack of consumer reviews allowed.

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    That is stupid imo. Not the release but the requested refund. Epic is actually helping the team broaden the game and support. So giving assistance to a small indie developer.

    I find it hilarious that no one gave a shit about all the THOUSANDS of games that are literally exclusively on Steam and have been for years. Seems that a monopoly is not a problem for a lot of people but paying for exclusivity (which does not deny access to anyone using that platform) is a cardinal sin.


    What exactly are you missing out on? What is anyone missing? It's not locked behind some paywall. You have an internet connection and a PC you can access the game.

    The longer user "reviews" are kept away the better. Steam has proven gamers collectively cannot be trusted to be honest.

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    Crowded funded it expecting Steam or GoG. That is what i pledged for and i dont have an issue with Steam. I feel my data is safe, the online requirement is not punishing or required and user reviews is allowed. I dont get that confidence from Epic store. But dont pull something on me and unless it is a better deal to me as a consumer that is a hard no from me.

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    This is literally a better deal, but I guess swapping facts for feelings is so common now that people no longer notice.

    I'll take my year of free DLC, and play the game I backed on release. And not have a care in the world. Because baseless scare-mongering is better ignored. Like anti-vaxxers.

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    How is is a better deal? No regional pricing, no user reviews, a more difficult refund policy, security concerns with the user database that is well documented and an no offline play as an monthly online check is required.

    and you get a $10 dlc , maybe?

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    There is offline play, so don't even attempt to play that lie as a truth.

    User reviews are trash and always have been. Anonymous ratings from people are of no value and anyone who puts stock in them is a fool imo.

    There is a functional refund policy and it is no more "difficult" than most other platforms.

    The regional pricing is an issue for some and I expect it will come soon. But seeing as you bring it up, how is paying extra for games on Steam working for you as a Kiwi?

    The security issue is the only one I am on-board with, but again it's been so over-blown and over-stated by angry internet warriors that are touting it and using a false or over-exaggerated narrative as fact. It also makes the assumption that things will not improve, which is actually moronic.

    I would prefer the game to be on all platforms, but if the team can earn some extra funds for development and support without affecting the game adversely I am behind them 100%. I want the Epic Store to succeed. I want Steam to have to fight and compete for market share.

    All that being said backers should get a Steam or GOG key at release (we are all getting one regardless but so far only after the exclusive period). Investors have the real right to complain as it is potentially costing them sales being an Epic exclusive.

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    i am sorry but more reviews is always better for a consumer . In any case more opinions and reviews is a better way to evaluate a product as you can get more opinions from multiple bias and viewpoints. Anyone who believes only a company sanctioned review is one all and end all and tries to deny others a viewpoint is simply not objective enough to understand that.

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    If you think there is such a thing as a "company sanctioned" review you're woefully misinformed.

    I'll take a selection of professional reviews over the petty prattle of anonymous consumers any day. Take any user review section for any product and you'll see screeds of bullshit, lies, punitive scoring, disproportionate rankings, and a massive pile of trash. That pile gets only bigger as soon as that product is associated with anything even remotely politically charged. Gamers are the worst for it.

    But I hope you're also protesting and boycotting Origin, and Ubisoft Store as well. I mean you are being consistent I hope. Although I cannot recall you commenting on either, but I am sure I missed those posts.

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    last EA game was way before Origin store even exists, last Ubisoft game was when uplay forced me to lose my saves in HoMM and i have not bought a Ubisoft game since then. So yeah no Fomo here, i dont need those platforms and dont play any games from them.

    Again, i rather have more reviews from consumers even if as you say are garbage than just having a kotaku review tell me i am a toxic male misogynist because i dont notice about how bad the Doomguy is a guy and not a girl. ( an example tho i am pretty sure if i google this , this will probably pop up somewhere on some "gamer" website "

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    Then don't read Kotaku or pay attention to Kotaku reviews.

    Hey its your money and you can do what you want with it. I still think the Epic Store backlash is overstated bullshit for the most part. Mostly from people who only care because they're Steam addicts upset that a game they want wont be on that platform. Making most of their complaints ironic if not completely hypocritical. (note I am not putting you in that camp).

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    in the end it is the exclusive bit that made me refund, if they said so 2017 when i backed it like you, that it was coming to Epic store exclusive, i would have just shrugged and gone i can wait until reviews etc. But they said GoG and Steam back then which gave me choice and i was ok at least i have a choice. ( not much of one but still i can choose ) . And i know this is not increasing my choices because if i had to 3 choices, Steam, GoG and Epic, i would have gone, whichever was the cheapest right or most convenient ( probably it would been a Key from the cheapest region onto Steam ) ? But they took that choice away.

    and lastly do we really want Steam to start doing exclusivity as well? We dont right? We want Steam, epic , Origin, etc to compete on Platform functionality and Pricing.

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    Actually I would be very interested to what would happen if Valve and Epic started a bidding war on store rights. This is something I do want to happen. I also don't think it would ultimately end with store exclusives. Maybe for a short while, but when the market controls the shelf price they would need to come up with a more effective way to compete with each other.