Anthem - MMO-ARPG Shooter by BioWare Edmonton

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    biwoare in full damage control now telling employee not to talk to press

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    can't see why everyone is saying they didn't learn anything from Destiny, seems pretty obvious to me that they took most of the handbook for how to develop, show and a launch a game right from Bungie. lol

    i won't defend Bioware/EA, all i can say is that i still enjoy the game and i know alot of people don't and thats fine. would be nice if they could go find something to enjoy rather then just bashing people online that do enjoy it. (this isn't aimed at you btw, its more the the people that post on twitter etc that just hate for the hell of it)

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    I want to like the game, the core gameplay is still fantastic, but unless they start adding some new legendary contracts and/or strongholds soon it's probably not going to hold my attention much longer. All I do in it now is whatever's necessary to get my elsian chest and then I don't even use it, I just have a bunch stacked up now that I'll probably go through in the weekend.