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    Inspiring stuff. Will have to check it out!

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    As a developer I really hate when people say the budget for a game was some pitiful amount that totally ignores the developers time.

    Totally looks like my kind of game though, will definitely keep an eye out for when it leaves Early Access.

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    I was at Playcentre last Thursday with my daughter and got talking to the only other dad that attends there.I asked him how things were going and he mentioned he had just sold 3k copies of a game he had just made.Turned out to be this guy.Small world.Well done Duncan

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    I think "zero marketing budget" would be more accurate than "zero marketing." He periodically released keys to YouTubers in the months leading up to the public early access release, so there was already a bit of a hype train. Either way, your point is still valid.

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    How long before Activision buys it and it becomes a FPS?

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    Saw this come up on steam, I might go back and buy it just to support a fellow Kiwi