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    Not even close to what Davies was paid, but 850k is still a lot of money.

    Excellent news that he's still with the top team even though the 2nd team have started their season... if he can continue to perform well off the bench for the 1st team must have a really good chance of keeping his spot in the squad.

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    Apparently he scored a penalty in a shootout against Tottenham, but ultimately lost to the best team in the world.

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    90 mins v Spurs, scored a pen in shootout - apparently played quite well.

    Only against Spurs though, so it's basically like playing against a pub team

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    Getting some praise from German media;

    "The New Zealand import was in the starting eleven, played through and was fun. The attacking midfielder was usually found as a kind of hanging point behind the striker (first Arp, later Lewandowski), but also repeatedly avoided the wings. In all his positions, he attracted attention with his strong technique and creativity, played smart passports into the room, found interfaces, created opportunities, and even graduated."

    Love, Google Translate.

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    From watching the sports news it's pretty clear the coach is very pleased with Singh's performances, so looks a given he's going to keep his place in the squad & having so many class players around him he'll improve a bit more each match.

    Concerning the Phoenix, I wouldn't even have Taylor in the squad, yet they've made him captain, just a slow plodding defender, we should be looking for more defenders with good pace.

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    'Central defenders with good pace' is a bit of an oxymoron, especially at the shitty level of the A-League. Even the best CB's in the world are rarely quick. There's only a small few I can think of that are remotely quick. It's not really that important. Arial ability, positioning, leadership etc are all more important in that position.

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    Plenty of players have decent pace, not saying they have to be really quick, point is Taylor is a snail, therefore he's a real liability against opposition strikers, you select your best starting 11 then name your captain, even though it's a shitty comp Taylor should only make the bench at best.