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    Good to know they can still put a few goals in the back of the net without relying on Krishna too much.

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    Phoenix were absolutely pathetic against the very lowly ranked Brisbane, could only manage to watch the 1st half such was the shocker they played, Rudan just isn't addressing the same old problems, again the marking was very loose, what made it even worse was our defenders tended to be back pedalling as well when their strikers were running directly at them, a defender should never do that, you're just allowing the opposition to make too much ground & it puts the whole defence on the back foot, nor charge forward as they'll beat you too easily, need to hold your ground & move forward slowly, which then slows them down forcing them to take another option.

    Rudan was getting a bit of stick from the reporters about the last two loses, he basically said it's not that bad losing our last two games, the point is people don't mind too much if a team loses two in a row if they put in 100% & lose close ones, what Rudan doesn't seem to understand is how piss poor they were that's the big worry, with the playoffs coming up reckon they'll get eliminated very early.
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    ELIMINATION FINAL : {Melbourne}
    Fri 3rd May - 9.50pm

    PHOENIX : (two to be omitted): Filip Kurto, Mandi Sosa, Ryan Lowry, Cillian Sheridan, David Williams, Antony Golec, Liberato Cacace, Alex Rufer, Michal Kopczynski, Callan Elliot, Sarpreet Singh, Oli Sail, Roy Krishna, Andrew Durante, Max Burgess, Steven Taylor, Ben Waine, Gianni Stensness.​

    MELB VIC : (two to be omitted); Matt Action, Storm Roux, Corey Brown, Keisuke Honda, Georg Niedermeier, Leigh Broxham, Kenny Athiu, Terry Antonis, Kosta Barbarouses, Ola Toivonen, Thomas Deng, Raul Baena, Joshua Hope, James Donachie, Rahmat Akbari, Lawrence Thomas, Carl Valeri, Elvis Kamsoba.

    Lose this one & they're goneburgers... really can't see us winning with so many slow useless defenders like Taylor, Durante, Cacace etc at the back, if we are to have a chance vital to mark them much tigher & don't back pedal, come forward to close down their space & we will turn over a lot of their possession... Williams was in great form up front, was ****in' silly when Rudan played him at the back, in this elimination final it's crucial he's plays in the forwards again with Krishna, also don't want to see us passing a lot of short through ball into their box, ffs ! just have a shot.

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    We've drawn 3 times with MVC this year so I think it could go either way.

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    It will definitely go their way if we continue to defend so poorly.

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    Phoenix down to just 7 contracted players, and Burgess has recently left (along Kurto and Mandi)

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    Anotehr lot go - Burns, Kopa, Lowry, Sheridan, Golec and Gulley all depart

    Don't think any of them will be sorely missed, maybe Kopa but that's about it

    Concerned about numbers tho!

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    Yeah, there's not that many you'd want to sign up again... clearly it's vital they sign up Krishna again & would also want Williams, Singh & Rufer back.

    Thought Sheridan was going to be good value to the team, he started well, but after that didn't really fire, to be fair though he wasn't given much game time.

    Would definitely get rid of Taylor, Cacace & Durante, they're really useless.

    All the coaches the Phoenix have had were pretty average at best, obviously the worst of them was Herbert, his tactic was for his backs to kick the ball long & hope like hell his strikers would win possession, the other two were a bit better but only really offered one thing each of any value, Merritt got the team to hold onto the ball for longer periods, while Rudan got their fitness levels up to a really good standard, tactics wise etc all 3 had stuff all to offer.

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    Singh to Bayern Munich. Okay, technically Bayern Munich II; but still - that is huge. Good luck to the kid.

    Looks like we'll get around 500k for the transfer fee.

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    Yeah, that's really good news, now it's up to him to make the most of that opportunity.

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    Some more positive news for the Nix

    You'd be happy now Dura has left, sign? I hear we're close to signing the U20s CB Nando Pijnacker.

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    Good news about the long-term security for the club.

    Mate, absolutely delighted that Durante has left, apparently he's going to play for Rudan's team, our strikers are really going to enjoy running at the worse back in the comp

    Excellent having promising NZ players in the squad, would also like to see more experienced players selected too from our domestic comp, we've had a few Aussie players that have been utterly useless.

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    Yeah, I've always said if we're looking for squad fillers they should be kiwis. I can understand going for Aussies if they are experienced - i.e. David Williams - but not young kids who aren't any better than what we've got.

    Listening to David Dome on the podcast - apparently a couple of big imports are almost signed; I'm hoping the news of our security in the A-League will push those over the edge shortly. According to him one of them would/could be the best player in the league.

    From our domestic comp, not many experienced ones that stand out except maybe Tim Payne.

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    Would be great if we got a couple of top imports, having lost a lot of players we have a fair bit of rebuilding to do.

    Heard the new coach Talay say on tv a few days back that he wants the team to have a lot of NZers in it, good to hear.

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    Looks like the first new import will be Mexican player Ulises Dávila - a direct replacement for Singh. Looks like he's good on both feet; a short of stature, technical AM.

    A player who had big wraps on him when he was younger (5 year deal at Chelsea) but has never quite fulfilled his promise.

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    He sounds like a really good asset.

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    Singh with a fan

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    Singh makes his debut for the first team already in pre-season v Arsenal!

    See here for all his touches. What a ****ing story this is.

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    That's ****ing awesome.

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    He played really well, showed some top touches & a couple of pinpoint through balls down the flank.

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    Played against Madrid and Milan. v Madrid he score a goal that was ruled offside (brilliant finish), v Milan he turned someone in the middle of the park and almost set up a goal.

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    Yeah, good skills, he turned very quickly on the ball & left that player completely flatfooted, with the form he's showing must have a decent chance of securing a spot in the squad of the top team, he's definitely made the most of his chances.

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    Interesting that he's got the most minutes out of any youngster this tour (even Davies, who they paid 10m+ for)

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    Valeo wrote:
    Interesting that he's got the most minutes out of any youngster this tour (even Davies, who they paid 10m+ for)
    That's an incredible amount of money that some of them get for potential, Valeo, how much did they pay for Singh ? must have been a pittance compared to Davies... & with Singh getting more game time than Davies it should increase his chances even more of making the top squad.

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    Paid around 850k for Singh with some add-ons I believe (a percentage of any sell on fee etc.)

    He played 30 mins v Fenerbache off the bench for his Munich home debut - he's still with the first team despite the second team starting their season already. Had a shot saved by the keepers face.