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    @Egor: There are a few more things you can do:

    1) Enable HSTS Preloading - this will potentially make things faster for people using Google Chrome and other preloaded browsers (makes them talk HTTPS instead of talking HTTP --> Redirecting to HTTPS). Have a look at https://hstspreload.org/?domain=gpforums.co.nz to find out what is currently broken and what needs to be done in order to enable this.
    2) Your SSL rating is an A - you can get a A+ easy. Take a look Here.

    Otherwise a very positive outcome. Once you've got these updated make sure you get in touch with the author of HTTPSWatch (https://httpswatch.nz/#nzsites) to get gpforums updated there.

    Also I do strongly suggest looking at my OP for an additional thing you can do on the servers to make things a little more secure.

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    I've updated https://httpswatch.nz/#nzsites now.. Site shows "Mediocre" due to missing HSTS header..