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    this games still going? lol

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    TURBO BAKER wrote:
    this games still going? lol
    i was curious about this the other day and had a look, its still pulling decent numbers on twitch which implies its still going, but no one on my 80 PSN friend list is playing it tho

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    TURBO BAKER wrote:
    this games still going? lol
    A couple on my Steam list still spins this up every now and then. But TBH I am actually quite shocked that they still do.

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    I suspect it's going in waves. Every time a new update comes out the numbers will rise again.

    It is a good game. It is fun to play, the community is great. Good Co-Op is something seriously lacking in games these days.

    The problems come in with all the problems. As one might expect. The cheaters on PC in PvP, the bulky netcode that makes a game that should run great end up running chunky with stutters and disconnects, the constant re-balancing, shifting stats, ect. There is still a problem with the looting system.

    But damn it! There is so much potential there still. The devs know it. I just don't think they know how to bring that potential into realization. The players know it. But most are just hoping and waiting for that update that's going to solve the problems.