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    they should move onto next adventure for lord shiva's secrets.

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    Get on a couple of elephants and go racing around the Taj Mahal, while Sully chases after them trying to slow down their race of destruction

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    Set out to find one of the most precious and important relics of the country that is Sachin Tendulker after he has been kidnapped and hidden in the heart of Bangalore. Once free, they all go on to play a game of cricket and become Indian Gods themselves.

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    Trace local myths and legends to find more fabled loot

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    Firstly, become lesbian lovers. Secondly travel India as soldiers of fortune. Lastly, break into Bollywood.

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    Make a Bollywood movie

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    They should get involved with wildlife protection services to ensure the survival of endangered species. Also they should educate the commoners about hygiene and the affect of pollution on the environment.

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    Start up a touring company called "The Uncharted Landscape", taking wealthy travellers to "The India they don't talk about"

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    The only logical answer is to kidnap a cow and start a rumour that North Korea was behind this dastardly deed. Then sit back with a gin and tonic watching the fireworks start.

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    Go on a yoga retreat...and REALLY find themselves.

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    kick back have a few drinks and plan there next adventure

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    there is a myth that elephants in india meet in secret and dance under the full moon. SO they should dress as both halves of a small elephant and secretly follow a heard of elephants on a full moon and capture the elephants dancing

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    Check out the National Museum in New Delhi and try not to break or steal anything

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    Explore the Underwater Worlds of india magic

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    jailbait wrote:
    They should have a nice relaxing 4 week holiday before getting back into it for Uncharted 6.
    When did Uncharted 5 come out? lol. (I'm not entering, just came to read everyone's entries )

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    Take the Rickshaw challenge,
    Chennai to Trivandrum or anywhere really
    They could really take their life in their hands and swim in the Ganges

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    Hey GP/Matt whoevers running this great compo, is there a way to put up a poll so GPers here can vote for the best post? It doesn't have to be the way to get the winner but will be a good pointer of who's in the running and what post people like.

    GeneralZod wrote:
    Relax and take time out to write and sell the screen play about their adventures.
    Play themselves in a Bollywood blockbuster, title of the movie Good Tusk Hunting.
    Tag line for the movie - 'How you like them popadoms'
    Smart reference to Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon and Ben Afflick writing then starring in the movie. Popadoms good one. You get my vote.

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    Lucifer_Morningstar wrote:
    When did Uncharted 5 come out? lol. (I'm not entering, just came to read everyone's entries )
    Uncharted 5 could happen

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    Drink Kingfisher Strong Talls and eat Tikka Masala until you're clearly not fit to go back to work.

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    I’m sure it’d involve being picked off the street to sing and dance in a Bollywood movie.

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    Oh, the places you'll Goa!

    Our awesome adventurers,
    are off once again.
    traveling through India,
    on a Oh so grand train.

    Boarding in Mumbia,
    while aiming for Goa.
    The train snakes along,
    like a constricting boa.

    Chloe and Nadine finally arrive,
    Trading trains for transport more big-hearted.
    They hop on the backs of elephants,
    and so begins another Uncharted.

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    G Daddy wrote:
    They should track down Carmen Sandiego, I heard she was in New Delhi.

    where did you find this pic?! Ive been dying to play the Carmen games again for years... nostalgia so thick I might vom