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    Become professors while carrying on treasure hunting.

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    Hello folks,

    Thanks for your creative entries! I think we hit most of the popular India tropes: cricket, curry, Bollywood, diarrhea, yoga, and... suddenly becoming a lesbian (?)

    Anyway, here are the entries that particularly tickled the judges' fancy:

    mintyOnion wrote:
    Drive to the nearest motel, order a crate of wine and a bucket of goose fat, and take turns on the Tusk of Ganesha.
    brand wrote:
    Buy a run down hotel and get a load of elderly English actors as guests...
    Tormenta wrote:
    Swim between the bodies in the Ganges
    Plant a bomb in the office of those bastards who ring pretending to be from Windows Technical Department (I had one of those today)
    Go for a stroll wearing a t-shirt that says "Tendulkar is a ****"
    Have a butter chicken and complain instantly how it isn't as nice as the ones in NZ
    Rackoon wrote:
    After enjoying their pizza with Meenu (And the food poisoning that came with it) they run into Charlie Cutter from Uncharted 3 who is in India to enjoy some cricket between the English and India. While they're enjoying the game they are approached by a young Buddhist from the Ministry of Culture who requests their help to protect the fabled treasures in the Earth guarded by the Yaksha as they protected the Hindu legacy now they need to protect the Buddhist legacy. Epic action scene unfolds involving an escape from a crowded sports game, and a new adventure is underway where secrets of history is unveiled including why the British sought to colonize and control India all those years ago!
    seanhinton wrote:
    The Uncharted series so far has been based largely off western style action flicks. It would be interesting to see one based in India that merged partially with Bollywood tropes (big dance sequences, crazy physical feats, deaths at a wedding and absurd stunts).
    6Stitches wrote:
    Track down Raja Koduri and recover a fabled artefact, the mainstream graphics card, and keep it out of the hands of a ruthless mining profiteer.
    IST wrote:
    Use their plunder to buy a local IPL franchise, hire me as their entertainment director then decide I can work from NZ since the heat really gets to me.

    $500,000 salary, top-tier masala paste and unlimited treasure maps is my asking price $$$
    Wertbag wrote:
    Using Nadine's knowledge of setting up a mercenary company they raise their own personal army and seize control of a remote region from Taliban extremists, installing themselves as royalty in the ancient palace.
    d3bbi3 wrote:
    there is a myth that elephants in india meet in secret and dance under the full moon. SO they should dress as both halves of a small elephant and secretly follow a heard of elephants on a full moon and capture the elephants dancing
    Espdar002 wrote:
    Oh, the places you'll Goa!

    Our awesome adventurers,
    are off once again.
    traveling through India,
    on a Oh so grand train.

    Boarding in Mumbia,
    while aiming for Goa.
    The train snakes along,
    like a constricting boa.

    Chloe and Nadine finally arrive,
    Trading trains for transport more big-hearted.
    They hop on the backs of elephants,
    and so begins another Uncharted.
    Aaaaaand the winner is: brand!

    PM me your full name and address please, and I'll pass it on to the relevant prize sender.

    Thanks again all who took the time to enter!

    MCSquared wrote:
    Hey GP/Matt whoevers running this great compo, is there a way to put up a poll so GPers here can vote for the best post? It doesn't have to be the way to get the winner but will be a good pointer of who's in the running and what post people like.
    Not a bad idea - perhaps next comp!

    Cheers all!

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    Congrats brand. Great comp Matt!

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    Thanks Matt -this is a bit of good news on what has been a pretty crappy day...

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    Find an air temple and master air bending...

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    Find the secret evidence of Chris Cairns match fixing shenanigans.