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    Greyfrog wrote:
    STILL waiting for a PC release, its taken so long I'm considering skipping it and spending the money I would have bought D2 with on Battlefront 2.

    7 weeks was a miscalculation by Bungie
    They going purely for the double dip $, if it was any closer so many peeps would have just waited on the release and not picked up a console version first: smart IMO (in a purely $ sense).

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    haha when battlefront flops like the first you will be back

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    My main gripe is that 7 weeks is too long, my theory is that 4 weeks would have worked just as well. As someone who is PC only and keen for it, it has now taken so long (and I've got 18 days wait left) that I'm considering skipping it altogether. Without seeing metrics that will never be shared with the public I'm not sure the down turn in PC sales from missing all the marketing campaigns and having a huge portion of the content spoiled for me was worth the gamble. They've opened the door for other titles to fill the vacuum as well.

    I think the play was more about protecting console sales than it was about capturing double dippers, I just cant see that being statistically significant.