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    Nice review Conrad! I am really hoping to spend some meaningful time with this later in the year.
    I am really excited to see how combined sandbox mode Mortal Empires pans out when it gets added in. I love that they're planning on have all races and factions playable, and that you'll be able to access them previous content on the subsequent releases.

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    Got to say it is a good review even though I disagree with a lot of the points raised about additional complexity added to the game. I would say having more strategy in an RTS is a good thing. Having become a regular visitor to r/totalwar after discovering the first TW Warhammer game, CA has implemented a lot of what Total Warhammer consumers asked for in terms of adding back Total War campaign strategy to the sequel. There were many complaints about how the campaign gameplay had been "dumbed down" with less resources to manage.

    Warhammer was my first Total War game and was pretty easy to pick up campaign wise but I was completely lost when it came to battles. I've put 17 hours so far in to Warhammer 2 and the additional decisions to make, resources to manage, deeper building chains and modifiers, rites and rituals(Vortex) are really good strategic additions into the campaign. You don't just snowball in strength after a certain point anymore nor build the same province over and over again.

    They've also gone the other way with Lords and Heroes, skill points and deployment has been simplified greatly. Plus the advisor explains details more than the first game about how the game/ui works when you start a campaign. So they've actually made it easier to get into than the first game was.

    Total War is all fresh to me so I'm enjoying it, and absolutely loving Lizardmen atm, but the review does come off as a bit jaded on Total War in general. The first Warhammer was actually CAs fastest selling Total War game release so they must be doing something right.

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    ^ great comment

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    I can't wait till they add in the old world. Goodbye life.