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    |icED-e@RtH| wrote:
    ^You'd expect nothing less from that idiot.
    Isn't her fanbase demographic presumably primarily prepubescent and teenage girls in the 12-16'ish kinda age range...?

    lol. Keep it classy, Miley

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    Basileus wrote:
    Isn't her fanbase demographic presumably primarily prepubescent and teenage girls in the 12-16'ish kinda age range...?
    Nah that would've been in her Hannah Montana years.

    Be more these types now..

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    Ah yes. One of Disney's Darlings all grown up.

    I suppose her fans would be at the age now where they too will be helping to provide Planned Parenthood with a regular supply of fresh souls and freshly harvested baby parts for the baby part medical market swap trade.

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    there's a theory that trumps increased chatter about space is because he got all the classified reports about aliens lol

    also aliens are real and the US airforce routinely has contact with ufos that are so far ahead of our technology

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    CODChimera wrote:
    there's a theory that trumps increased chatter about space is because he got all the classified reports about aliens
    Theory....... Source?

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    griefmaker wrote:
    Theory....... Source?
    turn on your monitor

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    CODChimera wrote:
    turn on your monitor
    You're having a laugh! Never sure with you as you seem to give a commie vibe from time to time.

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    griefmaker wrote:
    You're having a laugh! Never sure with you as you seem to give a commie vibe from time to time.

    But just google it and find a source you like. Here's Fox but I haven't read it: https://www.foxnews.com/science/chri...sightings-real

    There's been several stories like this over the last couple of years but they get buried so fast. And Trump going on about making a Space Force....it all just fits.

    Also 'commie vibe' sounds like something someone who's been brainwashed by years of propaganda by capitalism would say but I don't wanna give you too many pills at once.

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    there's been several stories like this over the last couple of years but they get buried so fast. And Trump going on about making a Space Force....it all just fits.
    What fits?

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    griefmaker wrote:
    What fits?
    that the aliens have been secretly frying peoples brains into mush

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    All the news of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) around the various parts of the world coincide. There are many coincidences, not all of which are exaggerations. We believe and accept that these beings exist. The majority of people who have seen them say that they are normal beings; and the people who speak of them say that they do not believe in ghosts or spirits. Many people have already seen UFOs. General MacArthur, that Yankee murderer, said with regard to the disappearance of a plane that had struck a strange object: ‘perhaps we – together with the Soviets – will have to make war against an enemy arriving from outside Earth’. But conciliation of this type has its limits. Capitalism has no interest in UFOs and, as such, makes no research into them. It has no interest in occupying itself with these matters because they cannot reap profits, nor are they useful to capitalism. But people see in UFOs the possibility of advancement and progress. This thus accelerates the fall of the bourgeoisie, shown in all its uselessness. All the people who say that they have seen extra-terrestrials, UFOs, coincide in the fact that these beings have not frightened them, and that they have made themselves understood, without using an audible language, showing them that they mean no harm. They do not provoke a feeling of alarm, but of serenity. They create sensations of mellowness, suppleness, harmony, reassurance. They do not inspire any fear. They must give off a sense of security by their movements, by their facial demeanour, or in other ways. None among those who have seen them have said ‘I was scared, they frightened me’. On the contrary, they awaken a pleasant sentiment, one of respect. They must emit some sort of rays that cause this sensation, if they do exist. None among those who have seen them has said that they were attacked. They have shown no interest in attacking, violating, stealing, possessing: they have come to observe.

    Starting from the fact of the existence of extra-terrestrial beings, we can accept that UFOs also exist. We need to wait for further proof. It is possible that they have appeared, though it is also possible that there has been much fantasising, exaggeration or mystical deductions on the part of those who have seen them. But there is testimony from people who seem thoughtful. Neither the capitalist system nor the bureaucracy [in the workers’ states] have an interest in researching this subject, because they cannot draw any commercial, political or military benefit from it. Socialism, on the contrary, does have an interest in this, and so too do the masses. Capitalism feels that it has been made to look inferior, faced with a system that it sees as superior. People draw the conclusion that capitalism is useless. They say ‘Look at that! And you, what are you any good for?’ The ruling class feels diminished. If it could draw a military gain from doing so, it would conduct research. But capitalism tries, on the contrary, to spread the impression that this is fantasy, so people will not think that there are superior forms of relations and that capitalism is incapable of reaching this level. The workers’ state will act in a different way, because it has an objective interest in developing socialism. But at all events, the facts are coming to light in spite of the smokescreens, because there have already been many testimonies. The capitalist ruling circles, the chemists, the military, are hiding the facts. But all the information still gets published – amidst all the current worry about war, revolutions, the preparation of the final settling of accounts between capitalism and the world revolution, the constant strikes in anger against the capitalist system, the occupations of factories, of universities, of land – because these questions preoccupy the whole world. In spite of all these other concerns, people are interested in UFOs.

    We do not know what form they take, or their number, but they must exist, or else they would not appear like this. There are reasons enough why capitalists would not invent these matters. They could try to use them to distract attention. But all this runs against their interests. They could divert attention to a concrete fact. But they do nothing but increase peoples’ certainty that the capitalists are no good. Besides, all this concern with UFOs does not stop strikes or factory occupations or revolutions, nor the progress towards socialism. The preoccupation with studying these phenomena has not yet developed in the workers’ states, given people’s concentration on getting by and because the bureaucracy is hiding these matters. It is, certainly, hiding a great amount of research that has taken place in the workers’ states. People would see forms of existence superior to those we have today. Socialism, on the contrary, has no fear in being compared with or integrated into higher forms of progress.

    On the contrary, it seeks out this progress. ‘We have nothing to lose but our chains’. This phrase of Marx’s can be applied to everything. Moreover, it is absurd that people are discussing the problems with UFOs while millions of others are dying of hunger. It is capitalism and the bureaucracy of the workers’ states that have led to this prejudice that exists in the world. There are possibilities of exploiting matter that this society is incapable of employing. Capitalism, as well as the bureaucracy [in the workers’ states], is aware of this inferiority. In the workers’ states, there are researchers who do not measure things in terms of inferiority or superiority, but simply note that in other galaxies and planetary systems, in other universes, it is possible to fully utilise matter and eliminate all this concern with hunger and class struggle. It is possible to wipe the ruling classes out of existence. The system, there, is superior. The inhabitants of other planets who come here must consider the Earth’s inhabitants as mad, always fighting one another. The notion of struggle, of confrontation, certainly does not exist where they come from. Why fight? The historical foundation of the capitalists’ and workers’ states’ bureaucracies’ lack of interest in studying UFOs and living beings on other planets is that they see the threat of their own elimination. As such they do not interest themselves with the continued existence, the life, of human beings.

    Everything that is not of commercial use, or does not serve to facilitate the existence and perpetuation of capitalist power, does not interest them. But since society must live and the proletariat and socialism must advance, these things stimulate people in the capitalist system to concern themselves with the existence of beings on other planets. So too in the workers’ states. The existence of flying saucers and living beings on other planets is a phenomena that the dialectical conception of history can admit. The most immediate consequence we can draw is that, if these beings do exist, they must have a societal organisation superior to our own. Their appearances are not the effect of bellicose or aggressive sentiments.

    This means that they have no need for war, that they do not come to Earth with goals of conquest in mind. In this planet’s history, when a people has felt itself to be more capable and invaded another country, it did so with conquest in mind, in the form of war. The class struggle on Earth is the result of the organisation of society into classes, that of the possessors and that of the exploited, the bourgeoisie set against the proletariat which wants to overthrow it and build socialism. The behaviour of these beings, if it is true that they exist, seems not to be aggressive in character. All the people who say that they have seen them, say that none of them were of an aggressive disposition or inspired fear in them. All of the say that they awakened their curiosity. If these were beings from afar (as we have known in our planet’s history) with swords, arquebuses, cannons, stones and rocks, with tools of conquest, they would inspire fear through their aggressive behaviour. But these beings come to observe, they try to make it understood that they intend no harm. Their behaviour expresses their superior organisation.

    They have no aggressive impulse, they have no need to kill in order to live: they come only to observe. We can foresee the existence of such beings, even taking into account the fantasies that exist among the reports, stories, observations and statements. If they exist, we must call on them to intervene, to help us resolve the problems we have on Earth. The essential task is to suppress poverty, hunger, unemployment and war, to give everyone the means to live in dignity and to lay the bases for human fraternity. To this end, we must suppress the capitalist system, as well as the bureaucracy of the workers’ states and Communist Parties who do not want to seize power. The fundamental obstacle we face is the capitalist system. We must suppress the force currently in the hands of the capitalist system: nuclear weapons. Destroy all nuclear weapons. Destroy the whole military power of the capitalist system, of Yankee, French and British imperialism. Appeal to the masses and give them the means immediately to destroy capitalism, overcome the bureaucracy of the workers’ states and establish a new society: socialism.

    We must appeal to the beings on other planets, when they come here, to intervene and collaborate with Earth’s inhabitants in suppressing poverty. We must make this call to them. It is possible to make ourselves understood to them. We must not, of course, expect that they will understand immediately. But we must make appeals to them, if we believe that they can, indeed, exist. If we have any possibility of making contact with them, we must not fall into individual scientific curiosity, out of some desire to see where they come from and to visit other planets.

    We must unite with them, they who seem more powerful than human beings, such that they will come and help us resolve Earth’s problems. Then we can concern ourselves with going to see what other planets are like, how life and matter are organised, and everything regarding nature. But most important is first to resolve the problems of humanity on Earth. We do not have a fantasist or idealist position with regard to flying saucers. As we accept that they exist, we want to use all means at hand, including those from outside of this planet. When we seriously reach a scientific discovery, we must try to use it to the benefit of humanity.

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    aliens are going to make contact and say they will fix all our problems but then trump is going to **** it up and it'll be like Independence day except we lose

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    Gesellschaft wrote:

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    imagine posting fascist memes and also posts about globalists conspiracies

    If it talks like a fash

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    Take your selective hypocrisy and shove it.

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    illegal aliens, more like save us aliens

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    Is there a phone number for the aliens? I want to text them.

    I find Miley a bit crass but I don't know shit about pop music and she's far more successful than me so who am I to complain.

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    Basileus is one of the best posters because he serious face tells us why Islam turned from science then gives us Christian evidence for not believing in climate change and is afraid of NWO neo pagans and now apparently believes in baby organ factories. Top poster imo one of the greats

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    ah the ol' Islamoscience-christianclimatechange?-neopagannwo-babyorganfactories-ufo-mileycyrus connection


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    Not sure where are going next but it sounds like fun!

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    Just when you think thunderpants will win the hippy christian of the year award

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    i'm not religious but surely there's something in christian ethics that suggests fascists like pinochet aren't to be admired lol

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    If you're an atheist and a Marxist I'm pretty sure you probably believe something dumb like that morality is a social construct, and right and wrong consequently must be arbitrarily defined categories merely of human language - and probably even something dumber like that free will is an illusion; and therefore you have no actual logical grounds on which to make a moral admonishment or judgement of anything or anyone.

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    imagine having to make moral judgements because you have no grounds to make intellectual ones

    welcome 2 christianity

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