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    Britneys Spear wrote:
    Those backgrounds could not be anymore washed out and complaining about not knowing something can do damage is seriously a newb move. I had the same problems when I was five.

    Now, tell me where all the hitboxes are and what you're meant to do in this pinnacle of astounding game design.

    Cuphead's difficulty is greatly exaggerated, which is pretty much coming at no surprise given how game journalism is these days.

    After beating the game I was expecting the other half of the game to unlock. Cuphead is easy as shit. I beat it in 4 hours with 31 deaths total. The shmup stages have inertia making them borderline unenjoyable, and they don't respect player space like most shmups. The parry system is borderline redundant and only exists to negate harder boss cycles. There's no scoring system and it doesn't adhere to arcade standards. There's a ton of visual elements that fail to give the player any indication as to whether they can be touched (ie. cloud on the genie boss, hitbox area against the cake boss, certain areas of the clown boss, etc). The bosses might be hand drawn but the backgrounds look like they've taken random shit from Google images and added a blur filter, and the whole game consists of choosing the right weapon for the right boss.

    Don't get me wrong, Cuphead isn't bad, but people have already long lost perspective of what it actually is. I haven't even played platformers since the 90's, but I'm pretty certain if people who mained the genre reviewed Cuphead they wouldn't be giving them "game of the year" status. Assuming that GOTY status still means anything to anyone.

    But hey it was fun while it lasted I guess.
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    Krichul wrote:
    My opinion is correct. If you disagree you're wrong.
    Got to love the argument that people who disagree with you are wrong, lying, exaggerating, or incompetent. All those streamers, youtubers, reviewers, commentators, and journalists being wrong is quite the revelation.
    Thanks bro, makes me feel fantastic having my integrity and competency labelled absent.