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    I'm pretty hyped to see the overwatch tourney

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    My bday on the 4th. Gonna spend it watching blizzcon hehe. Looking forward to sc2 WCS the most.

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    I'm not interested.

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    I'm super excited to see Jeff Kaplan trash some fans live. The dude is straight up savage!

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    Definitely looking forward to the esports streams !

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    Being a daily WoW gamer I can't wait to watch the panel "World of Warcraft - What's Next" :3
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    Been playing Wow on and off since vanilla.keep forgetting im ona 12 month sub.damned thing turned over like 3 days ago so ill be there for another 12 months at least a blizzcon ticket would be nice to see what i've just payed for

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    I'm most excited to see what the new Hearthstone expansion will be and why all the cards won't matter when everyone will still play Jade Druid!

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    Orz wrote:
    That's pretty cool. How big is your lan and how long does it last? Are there obligatory bong rips?
    There is usually around six of us, we rotate between whos place we have it at and we do it from Fri-Sun/Mon

    Regarding your other question, I feel like too much bong ripping goes on and interrupts the gaming/watching, lol

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    Thanks everyone!

    Here are your winners, as determined by

    Zapped Guy

    You should all have a PM with your ticket code, which you can redeem via the Blizz launcher. Enjoy the show!

    To those that missed out: you can still pick up a virtual ticket on the official BlizzCon site

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    wew living the dream.

    Cheers Matt

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    yatta! Thanks!!

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    Thankee koind zur

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    Thank you GP team

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    selling blizzcon virtual ticket srs offer only pls


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    Looking forward to what they will do next as they pretty much have given up on Diablo and Starcraft series (notice the schedule for this year's Blizzcon).