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    Anyone on here do 3d printing?

    Im interested in getting something made depending on cost if anyone has a 3d printer hit me up 😁

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    Is it a fleshlight?

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    Came in to post fleshlight reply. Manc came first.


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    Someone print me some ecstasy so I can mail it to that customs guy.

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    Disco Bacon?

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    My friend has a 3d printer and I don't know anything about it if that helps.

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    what size are you looking at?

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    I had one, and sold it after printing off a dozen or so utterly useless things.

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    Get a 3d scanner. scan your d*ck. print it.

    I have a 3d printer. There's plenty of crowd source printers available. Companies in the states offer it as a service using higher end machines with more advanced materials and post print treatments.

    Depends on the engineering requirements as to what you'll have to pay.

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    Anyone have any small business ideas that you could do with a printer like jewelry or something innovative

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    Do you have the files to just have it printed or did you need someone to model it first?